Online Lifestyle Platform Reveals 34 Reasons To Have Daily Sex

From glowing complexions and a step full of swagger to longer lifespans and stronger relationships, a daily romp offers lovers a myriad of benefits. To celebrate all things sexy, online health, fitness and beauty platform, BookYourLifestyle has published a sizzling hot infographic that reveals 34 reasons why daily sex should be high on the agenda of every Brit.

David Smith, Co Founder said, “The verdict is in and after scouring the web for statistics we’ve confirmed that sex isn’t just about enjoying mind blowing orgasms. Intercourse also comes with an incredible array of physical and psychological benefits that help people live healthier, more fulfilled lives. We love the idea of sex as a lifestyle tool which is why we put together a playful infographic listing the top 34 reasons why a romp represents so much more than hitting the big O”

Forget hitting the beach or tanning salon this summer. Sex actively increases blood circulation and releases anti-aging hormones which combat dryness, clear up acne, fight off wrinkles and get skin glowing. Research has also shown that making love three times a week can shave 10 years off physical appearance. Juice cleanses and yoga retreats may be popular but when it comes to detoxing sex is a sure fire way to sweat out toxins from the skin. Hello fountain of youth!

Find it hard to rack up the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise? No problem! According to BookYourLifestyle, having sex three times a week for 15 minutes burns the same amount of energy as jogging 75 miles. Experimenting with moves is a great way to increase flexibility while regular hanky panky is also a scientifically proven way to lower high blood pressure and fight colds and flu. People who get hot and heavy on a daily basis are 45% less likely to experience cardiovascular diseases.

As far as psychological benefits go, sex is a far cheaper alternative to therapy and self-help books. It’s a proven way to boost self-esteem and hype up happiness, as well as combat anxiety and depression. For guys and gals feeling the pressures of hectic modern life sex is also a seriously effective stress reliever.

Rather than hit up the medicine cabinet for a dose of Panadol, sex releases a series of pain relieving hormones that replace aches with ecstasy. It’s also a proven cure for headaches and can also help to heighten senses of smell and taste.   

When it comes to strengthening relationships sex is far more than a pleasure inducing activity. The release of oxytocin helps to build emotional trust and bring couples closer. The hormone also drives men in committed relationships to stay away from other women and remain faithful to their current lover.  

For the gents research has shown that regular ejaculation reduces the chances of developing prostate cancer and other glandular diseases. The continual replacement of old sperm means healthier semen while men who enjoy regular romps often live twice as long as their celibate counterparts. Ladies will love the fact that sex helps to regulate periods, as well as boost the libido and help fight Alzheimer’s disease. Not to mention the fact that estrogen and testosterone both protect against osteoporosis.

As for the number one reason to feed the kitty on a daily basis? It’s a 100% free form of entertainment that ends in a one way ticket to euphoria. Can’t argue with that!  

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