Online Platform Launches to Unite Jewish Student Community

College years are a time of experience and opportunity, but it can be difficult to know where to access the information required to make the time as fun and fruitful as it should be. The new website, Who Jew Know launches this week to help Jewish College Students overcome this common worry, with a platform to share information, experiences and recommendations so everyone heading off or already at school can enjoy being a Jewish College Student.

Who Jew Know sets out to guide millennials through the Jewish world by sharing stories and windows of opportunity, fostering a buzzing, and totally unique, online community. The site will be run by Jewish students for Jewish students, connecting them in a professional space filled with engaging, valuable content which they can contribute to and benefit from.

Some of the topics will include how to tackle Passover in a new place, Jewish experiences in the South and discussions on conversion and re-affirmation of faith in the college environment.  

Hunter Most, CEO said, “Community is a vital element of all areas of humanity, and it is something that is important to all branches of the Jewish network the world over. However, Jews are still a minority, and it can be difficult to find a platform that fosters that sense of community in a way that appeals to a younger audience. Who Jew Know has been created to build a sense of community in a way that is relevant to college students.”

The webpage will also act as a marketing tool for appropriate organizations looking to reach out to Jewish college students, and there are numerous features planned for the site as it develops, as well as the potential for an app. The site is linked with various social media platforms, allowing users to connect from their phones or mobile devices at any time.

Content submission is open to anyone wishing to share and build their personal portfolio within a comfortable and safe environment.

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Who Jew Know is an online platform designed by Jewish college students for Jewish college students. Featuring both interesting and engaging content alongside opportunities within relevant organizations at colleges across the country, the site is helping build a community for millennials to share their experiences and information as Jews with one another to get the most out of their time at college.



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