Online Popularity Can Be Dangerous For Businesses Warns Scott Dylan

Too much of a good thing can be bad for business according to a top UK digital marketing consultant. Social media expert Scott Dylan believes that many SMEs and even some larger firms are falling into the trap of thinking that more is better when it comes to their social media followers. Speaking on the back of the recent furore concerning celebrity endorsements, Dylan has spotted an alarming trend which he says could end up costing many firms dearly.

“The recent scandal about celebrity tweets and celebrity endorsements on social media really highlights what I have long since advocated but fear is falling on deaf ears – that bagging a celebrity to announce a service or product on twitter to their millions of Twitter followers can be bad for business. I don’t just mean in terms of the negative publicity that has resulted from this scenario but because of the thousands of pounds those businesses have paid for a brand endorsement in the hope of reaching millions of users – an exposure that is totally unnecessary.

“Many businesses fall into the trap of thinking that they must be perceived to be popular online so spend time and money on getting as many social media followers as possible. I think this is a very dangerous mindset as contrary to popular belief, social media is NOT a numbers game. A business doesn’t need thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers to be successful and chasing after online popularity through celebrity endorsements or purchasing followers means that that firm has really taken their eye off the ball and forgotten what is important – engaging with the small percentage that has an interest in the product or a need for the service. Those are the client set that the online marketing efforts should be all directed at, not chasing thousands of followers who may be half way around the world or completely the wrong demographic. That achieves nothing and adds nothing to a brand’s online presence – it’s all front.”

Dylan argues that it is better to have 800 fans who will engage and buy that 80000 who wouldn’t and who are simply there to make up the numbers. With so much pressure on to be successful online, many firms are more interested in the perception of popularity online, rather than the return from having real engaging fans who actually have a need for that product or service. He says that it is more powerful to have a handful of passionate brand advocates than a vanity number of followers who don’t like posts, have no interest in the business, no need for the product and in most cases, don’t actually bother to read the social media updates.

He continues, “Having too many followers just to appear successful means that key messages and brand focuses get lost. It’s akin to selling tyres but wanting to be stocked in every clothes shop in the area just to appear to have a lot of stores – it makes no sense, is commercially costly and means that the real customer, the one who wants to put his hand in his pocket to buy, is actually neglected.”

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A specialist in all things digital, Scott Dylan has worked alongside some of the most famous brands in the world in order to optimise web campaigns and generate astonishing results. From PPC to SEO via social media and content marketing, the web consultant has occupied the digital sphere for eleven years and can help to enhance any web campaign.