ONS Reveals UK ‘FlexiTarianism’ Trend Is On The Rise

The health benefits of a meet free diet have long been acknowledged, with recent data from the Office of National Statistics revealing that an estimated 1.2 million Brits now adopt this lifestyle. Whether it’s for health reasons or due to a strong ethical or religious stance, vegetarians maintain that a meat free diet helps them to feel stronger, healthier and more energetic.

According to The Food People, the meat free trend doesn’t look set to slow down anytime soon. In fact, the leading food trends agency has pegged ‘flexitarianism’ as the next major trend to sweep the UK. Referring to a plant based diet with the occasional addition of meat, The Food People experts predict that flexitarianism is set to boost the sales of vegetarian foods by up to 10% by 2016.

Popular London based Indian restaurant Laksha Bay is at the forefront of the flexitarianism trend, its chefs whipping up a huge selection of vegetarian delights. While some people consider vegetarian food to be bland, tasteless and unexciting, Laksha Bay’s authentic Indian recipes are brimming with exotic spices and fragrant aromas that are irresistible, even to the most adamant of carnivores.

A spokesman for the restaurant said, “Over the past few months we’ve noticed quite a significant jump in the popularity of our meat free dishes. Indians traditionally eat a lot of vegetarian food which is why we have included such a wide selection on our menu. While many restaurants only offer one or two vegetarian dishes, our diners enjoy several choices that don’t compromise on flavour!”

Onion bhaji is a long-time favourite on the starters menu, the deep fried dish popular with vegetarians, flexitarians and meat eaters alike. For wholesome and filling main courses, Laksha Bay offers a delicious ‘Vegetarian Special’ section. Here, diners will find dishes such as Vegetable Korai, a medium hot fusion of spices, tomatoes, onion, fresh ginger and green peppers and Ponir Makhani, a special blend of creamy cottage cheese in a smooth red gravy sauce. The menu is accompanied by a huge selection of vegetable side dishes made with tasty and nutritious vegetarian ingredients.  

Channa Massala uses chickpeas as its base, the protein rich legumes cooked in a mouth-watering blend of spices, tomatoes, onions and green peppers. Dhall Makhani is another of the restaurant’s vegetarian specialties, the chefs preparing the pulses to a slow cooked North Indian recipe. Lentils are a hugely popular staple in vegetarian diets, the humble seeds packed full of protein and essential amino acids including isoleucine and lysine. 

As the flexitarianism trend continues to grow, Laksha Bay is set to emerge as a mecca for Indian loving flexitarians that refuse to compromise on flavour, freshness and choice.

To explore the mouth-watering vegetarian options on offer from Laksha Bay, visit the website at: www.lakshabay.co.uk call 020 7481 0777 to speak to a member of staff.

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About Laksha Bay: Situated in Wapping, London, Laksha Bay is a premier Indian food restaurant serving up a variety of authentic dishes, including everyone’s favourite curries and some chef’s specialties. Dine in or takeaway and enjoy some of the most delicious Indian cuisine in the capital.