Opt for Ultimate Luxury with Bespoke End-of-Bed TV Lift Cabinets from Cabinet Tronix

Having a hand-made TV lift cabinet in your home is the ultimate in bespoke luxury – so why not take that indulgence a step further by placing a gorgeous, handmade TV stand at the foot of your bed? Cabinet Tronix is a leading US manufacturer of the finest pop-up TV stands, and their specialist team of craftsmen can create tailor-made units which sit perfectly at the end of any bed. With a range of models and designer finishes to choose from, Cabinet Tronix can help give any bedroom that touch of A-list luxury that takes it from drab to fab.

A poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that an overwhelming 71% of Americans have a TV in their bedroom – but many of them are wall-mounted or positioned precariously on dressers or other stands. The end-of-bed TV lift units at Cabinet Tronix are specifically crafted to store flat-screen televisions safely and securely, while also complementing the existing interior beautifully. With so many people choosing to bring a TV into their bedroom, why not ensure it’s positioned perfectly, with a unit built to your specifications?

Trace McCullough, Director of Cabinet Tronix, says, “So many of us bring televisions into our bedroom so that we can catch up on our favorite shows or have movie marathons from the comfort of our own bed. Here at Cabinet Tronix, we say: if you’re going to have a TV in the bedroom, why not give it the platform it demands? Our handcrafted end-of-bed TV lift cabinet position television screens perfectly, with optimal viewing angles for those reclining against their pillows. Our stunning designs can also complement any existing bedroom space, whether you prefer a traditional look or a more contemporary style.”

The Toscana end-of-bed TV lift unit is one of the most sought-after designs at Cabinet Tronix, and a real favorite in bedrooms across the US. The chic studded design makes the unit a real focal point within the room, and the telescopic TV lift offers smooth and silent operation – so when you’re having a late-night Netflix marathon, you won’t wake the other half! These end-of-bed cabinets have been specifically designed to look great from any angle – there are no trailing wires or fake back panels; just a 100% high quality cabinet that is worthy of being the centerpiece of any bedroom.

The Coast design is also a favorite of many, with its sleek curves and smooth edges. Available in a range of different finishes, the Coast unit can look however you want it to – whether you choose a shiny lacquer or a soft matte exterior. Cabinet Tronix customers can customize their units, choosing from 16 designer finishes as well as a range of extra features, including a universal remote and 360 degree rotation.

To find out more about the range of Cabinet Tronix end of bed TV lift cabinets, visit http://www.cabinet-tronix.com/.  

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About Cabinet-Tronix: Based in San Diego, California, Cabinet Tronix has revolutionized the world of TV lift furniture with its unique concepts, designer finishes and handcrafted excellence.

Bench-made cabinets, built by master craftsmen, are combined with the finest US-made telescoping lift systems, demonstrating the Cabinet Tronix commitment to delivering high-quality products to clients every time.

The incredible quality and exquisite style of the TV lift cabinets have seen Cabinet Tronix win in the Best of Houzz 2014 and 2015 Awards, with a plethora of five-star reviews across the board from happy customers and clients.

Recognized for its sublime quality and value for money ethos, Cabinet Tronix has provided TV lift systems within custom cabinetry for over four dozen hotels and casinos including over 540 pieces for The Signature MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.