Organic Food For Special Occasions Included in Luxury Food Hampers by Scottish Hampers

For many people, the importance of eating organic and ethically produced food products cannot be overstated. Choosing to purchase products which have been grown or produced without the help of synthetic chemicals or additives to prolong the life or taste of the food is something which many more people are undertaking in an effort to become more healthy and shun processed food. This can often be a tough guideline to stick to during a celebration or special event, but with many organic food options now available, including luxury food hampers and catering companies who specialise purely in ethical choices. This guide outlines a full meal for a special occasion using purely organic options, including starters, snacks and beverages.


One of the best ways to start off a meal and warm up everyone’s appetite and to ensure that no one overdoes it is to provide a selection of dips along with the choice of homemade tortilla chips, raw carrots, rustic breadsticks or other savoury dipping foods. Some of the finest dips available to buy are from companies who shy away from mass manufacture and ensure that they use only the finest local products in order to create their dips; these include Galloway’s and Henshelwoods, both of whom produce fine dips such as chilli jam and mango chutney, which can be found in a variety of food hampers.

Main Course

Organic meat is of course vital to the preparing of the main course. Chicken is a popular choice for a main which is not too heavy; coq au vin would go down a treat at any dinner party. Organic chickens are available at many supermarkets but for the very best quality it is worth seeking an expert provider in such natively farmed meats. Organic vegetables are not especially hard to come by; many eco-conscious foodies tend to grow their own and harvest them specifically for use in seasonal dishes. Rich chicken risotto with wild mushrooms and fresh asparagus is also a light and tasty way to enjoy a hearty yet organic main course.


Any chocoholic will vouch for the fact that their favourite sweet snack tastes better for being organically produced. The rich taste and smooth texture far surpasses the mass-manufactured and artificially flavoured chocolate often found in supermarkets. Many food hampers for special occasions contain a box of luxurious organic chocolates for guests to enjoy as they please, often in truffle form or even chocolate buttons for the younger ones.

The Cheeseboard

Many dinner parties and special occasions close the meal with a cheeseboard. Traditionally including cheese, chutney, dessert wine, port and crackers, many organic cheeseboards contain a wide variety to be served at the end of a meal, but some hosts prefer to assemble their own, with cheeses selected from their local area. Cheeses which come from small manufacturers are more likely to be organic and ethically created, and so tasting what the local cheesemakers have to offer can not only unearth some hidden gems, but can also support smaller businesses and their ethical partners.


Almost every drink now in this health-conscious time comes with an organic counterpart which invariably tastes better and has a better effect on the body of the consumer. If the variety of the selection is important, opt for a food hamper which contains a mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; many offer a choice of organic local ales and beers combined with drinks for the drivers and the children, such as Sicilian lemonade or ginger beer.

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