Outdoor Event Hints and Tips

With the clocks going forwards and temperatures slowly but surely starting to rise, it’s safe to say that Spring has officially commenced. This time of year traditionally prompts many businesses and organisations all over the country to start thinking about fun ways to make the most of the summer months with outdoor promotions, road shows and events. Whether it be an outdoor trade fair, a family fun day or some other form of seasonal show touring the local area while the sun shines, there are certain steps all companies can take to ensure their outdoor ventures are a success.

1. Be Prepared

Not even mammoth events such as Wimbledon and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee could stave off the traditional British rain, so it is vital for everyone attending or holding an outdoor event to be prepared for the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Choosing suitable outdoor promotional equipment such as printed flags and PVC banners which can be used in adverse conditions is vital; they can be used come rain or shine and will not be heavily affected by light rain or wind.

In the event of rain, which should always be anticipated in the UK, companies can also try and use the weather for their own promotional gains; handing out branded umbrellas makes for great customer service and free promotion simultaneously.

2. Don't Bank On It

Whilst the weather is undoubtedly unpredictable in the UK, this shouldn't mean that events can't take full advantage of the sunshine and enjoy outdoor promotional materials such as printed bunting or large branded feather flags, which will ripple in the light breeze. The beauty of many of these items is that they can be utilised indoors too, so those with smaller budgets will get double the value as they can be used again and again.

3. Rehearse

One of the issues with using the sun as the primary illumination for the event is its capacity to cast shadow and move throughout the day. At a convenient time, it would be advantageous to set up the displays outdoors in their positions to ensure they will be lit adequately throughout the day and won't fall victim to backlighting, where the sun shines from behind the display, obscuring all printed banners, flags and promotional materials.

4. Prepare for Wind!

Strong gusts of wind can take us all by surprise especially during the months of April and May, so we strongly suggest that you tie or peg down any portable display equipment. There are many forms of outdoor display equipment that now utilise added weight by filling bases with water. This is handy for portable equipment going outdoors that needs added stability. It is important to do some testing whilst on site to mimic strong forms of wind on your display equipment, as the last thing you would want is equipment toppling over in public areas.

The unknown variables are what makes outdoor events so tricky to put on, but when they go well, they create exciting and memorable experiences for clients old and new. With the correct preparation and the appropriate considerations given to the weather conditions, an outdoor event can be pulled off with aplomb by even the most novice of planners.

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