Oxynergy Launches App To Provide Women With Bespoke, Personalised Skincare Solutions

The exciting new app means personalised skincare is just a few taps away.

Oxynergy, the anti-ageing experts behind one of the world’s first personalised skincare systems, have launched a brand new app, making it easier than ever for ladies to acquire bespoke skincare products that are tailored to their own skin.

By simply answering eight questions about skin type, specific problems, wrinkles and a general ageing profile, the app automatically calculates the best formula for a personalised skin care serum, cream and face mask. Users can then send their order directly through the app to the nearest store to get it prepared.

Opting for personalised skin care means products do exactly what is needed - from fighting wrinkles, firming and tackling blemishes. With products carefully matched to skin type, complexions are left radiant, soft and youthful.

Raphael Duérinck, Founder of Oxynergy, says, “Ladies are becoming increasingly aware that off-the-shelf skincare solutions only work for a small minority of women. Every woman’s beauty is individual and unique – so why shouldn’t their skincare be? Our brand new app makes it simple to order personalised products based on all your skin’s needs and type. You will no longer need different products to help you tackle the signs of ageing, or solve your pigmentation problem. Your personalised cream will take care of everything!”

Mr Duérinck adds, “Our products are the next-generation of skincare, with innovative and interactive formulas designed to help each and every woman find the perfect solution to keep their skin young and radiant.”

The questions within the app are very targeted, with a selection of answers already prepared to make it easier for users. After the user has confirmed their age and gender, they can select one of five skin types, one of four specific problems, and can let the lab know how advanced their skin ageing is. The survey also asks questions about skin tone and elasticity, with each answer tweaking the bespoke skincare formula ever-so-slightly.

One of the flagship products, Power Infuse personalised skin cream, costs just €80.00 for 50ml. Prepared directly in the store or beauty centre, it has the same shelf life as other skin care products and does not need to be stored under special conditions at home. Personalised skincare address all concerns, bucking the trend in the beauty market and offering a comprehensive solution for ladies concerned about more than one skincare issue.

Oxynergy was founded back in 2001 and has been creating some of the world’s finest anti-ageing products since 2003. Now, in 2016, Oxynergy has a presence in more than 45 countries across the world – and with the introduction of the new app, Oxynergy is set to become available to even more international customers.

For more information about Oxynergy, visit the website: http://www.oxynergy.com


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