Pallet trucks can cut company costs and improve productivity

Pallet trucks can cut company costs and improve productivity

As the news broke that BHS, one of Britain’s longest-standing department stores is to close its doors over the coming weeks, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pallet and pump trucks to a whole range of sectors, has highlighted how pallet trucks can help businesses streamline their processes in order to increase productivity and create a higher capacity for profit.

Likely to be a concern for many high street merchants, the closure is the largest retail collapse since Woolworths in 2008. And although it’s widely been reported that the country has recovered following the recession that took hold of Britain between 2008 and 2013, this news is certain to create a sense of unease in retailers throughout all sectors. However investing wisely in useful equipment that will strengthen and amalgamate processes can significantly help businesses to boost their productivity and increase their profit margin.

Businesses are under an increasing amount of pressure to maximise the productivity of man hours, and investing in good quality pallet trucks is one of the best ways to enhance productivity. Able to carry and transport much more than a single worker could, pallet trucks can carry up to 3500kg in weight. One of the easiest and simplest forms of transporting large volumes of stock, they are a must for both small and large businesses that transport great volumes of heavy or bulky goods. Leading to a more streamlined workforce and smoother processes, the addition of pallet trucks can increase efficiency, resulting in a higher capacity for revenue.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks said, “Pallet Trucks are essential for both business to business and business to consumer organisations. Allowing large amounts of stock to be moved easily, quickly and safely, they provide staff with a means of transporting goods from one place to another. Helping to cut the time taken to perform routine tasks, they improve productivity and reduce the chances of error or injury.”

Pallet trucks are also extremely low-maintenance. The strong, steel construction and rust-preventing powder coating of many of these units means they last for years without the need for repair. Unlike other machinery, such as forklift trucks, pallet trucks require no special licence or formal training so can be used by almost anyone within the organisation.

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