Pallet Trucks UK Asks: Do You Need a Semi-Electric Pallet Truck?

Renowned for its fantastic range of lifting equipment, Pallet Trucks UK is a company well versed in providing manual handling solutions to a multitude of businesses. Now the Midlands-based company is urging businesses to ask themselves a question: do you need to utilise semi-electric trucks?

While many businesses opt for manually operated trucks like hand pallet trucks and sack trucks, the increasing pressure across various industries to fulfil orders and carry out tasks quickly is seeing many turn to electrical power to speed up their operations. Pallet Trucks UK has a selection of two sturdy semi-electric high-lift pallet trucks that can help save time, money and ensure employee safety across the entire workplace – a no-brainer for businesses across the country.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK, says, “Manual hand pallet trucks are highly versatile and very useful, but sometimes workplaces need a little extra power on their side. The semi-electric high-lift trucks we have on offer at Pallet Trucks UK are a prime example of a piece of apparatus speeding up processes and ensuring boosting productivity for employees on factory floors or on production lines. As with all of our products here at Pallet Trucks UK, quality is assured, and we’ve seen these units totally revolutionise the working processes of many workplaces across the UK.”

Semi-electric high-lift pallet trucks have a lifting capacity of 1000kg, and can hit heights of up to 800mm – ideal in workplaces where workers are frequently loading and unloading trucks. When a worker must unload goods onto a conveyor belt or a storage shelf, they’ll be able to carry out their task much faster if they’re not constantly bending and stretching to lift the goods from the truck. This will also mean reduced employee injuries like back and arm strain, which will increase productivity and reduce the amount of sick pay the business is liable to pay – a win-win situation for everyone involved.

As with all products at Pallet Trucks UK, the components are of the highest quality, and are fully kitted out with the safety features that set them at the top of the pile. Lateral stabilizers on the trucks lock automatically once the forks are raised above 400mm, to prevent the high pallet truck from moving while the truck is unbalanced. The scissor action of the truck does mean that open pallets are the only suitable options for these trucks, but the across fork dimensions are the recognised Euro-style pallets – 540mm x 1150mm.

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About Pallet Trucks UK: Pallet Trucks UK is part of the Midland Bearings Ltd Group. It occupies a 60,000 sq ft distribution warehouse containing over £7 million worth of materials handling stock available for immediate shipping.