Pallet Trucks UK introduced hydraulic lifting jacks to already comprehensive range

Investing in good quality machinery is a must for businesses who manoeuvre large items, or large quantities of stock daily. However in this day and age, it can be all too easy to rely on machinery. And should something happen, such as a vital piece of equipment breaks, it can be hard to continue the day to day runnings of a business until it is repaired.

Pallet Trucks UK, one of the UK’s primary suppliers of pallet and pump trucks to a variety of sectors, is making sure businesses don’t get caught short should a vital piece of machinery need repairing. Set to stock a whole range of hydraulic lifting jacks, Pallet Trucks UK are further improving the service they deliver to their clients by making sure they become a one stop shop for all business machinery needs.

Phil Chesworth from Pallet Trucks UK, said, “We’re always looking to improve our offering to our customers, and the hydraulic lifting jack was one of the missing pieces of the puzzle on our website. By offering customers with quality solutions to aid in the repair and installation of heavy duty machinery, the lifting jacks are perfect for a wide range of businesses.”

Hydraulic lifting jacks are imperative for every business – whether small or large – that uses heavy machinery day to day. Compact yet stable, they can be used in almost any position thanks to the housings revolving 360 degrees. Going hand in hand with moving skates, they provide a complete solution to moving machinery with ease.

At present, there is one lifting jack available on the website, however additional styles and models will become available over the coming weeks. Competitively priced, they offer a real solution to businesses up and down the country. Boasting an impressive five tonne capacity, the jack is perfect for assisting in repairs, maintenance and installation of heavy machines.

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