Pallet Trucks UK Offers Comprehensive Range of Mini Pallet Trucks, for Smaller Lifting Tasks

Pallet Trucks UK is a leader in providing manual handling equipment to businesses all over the country, and it’s once more proven it’s the go-to provider for all things ‘pallet trucks’, with a comprehensive range of mini trucks that are ideal for those with smaller lifting needs.

The smaller trucks have been specifically designed for businesses that may not have a need for a full-sized pallet truck. Van drivers, businesses which offer call-out services, and even construction sites with particularly tight corners have all made use of the trucks, which have all the durability of the larger models.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK, says, “Our great range of mini pallet trucks is ideal for those who can’t quite justify buying a full-sized truck, or perhaps for the business that specifically needs an agile, nippy truck to complement their existing fleet. At Pallet Trucks UK, we strive to ensure we cater to everyone – and our collection of mini pallet trucks is testament to that commitment.”

Many of the trucks are small enough to fit in the boot of a car, with some of them offering a folding function that can see them hung on a wall or stored in cupboards when not in use.

The lightest truck in the range – the ML0308 Portable Pallet Truck – weighs in at just 26kg, making it easy to transport from A to B without being too bulky or too heavy. The truck certainly lives up to its ‘portable’ name. The forks on this particular model are raised by a leverage principle of lifting – which removes the need for hydraulic pumps and seals. Hydraulic systems need regular maintenance and repairs – but the non-hydraulic system can function perfectly without frequent attention.

The EOSLIFT DBD25 Mini Hand Pallet Truck is another of the most popular models that customers choose when searching for a compact, lightweight pallet truck. The truck itself weighs just 70kg, but it still has an incredible lifting capacity of 2500kg. These smaller trucks are better suited to printer pallets and other smaller sizes, with forks measuring 450mm x 800mm. The design of the truck is also inch-perfect, with the frame and forks having been precision-welded by an automatic system for a high-quality finish. The EOSLIST mini hand pallet truck is available from Pallet Truck Shop for just £275.94 including VAT, and is an excellent choice for a business searching for a starter pallet truck.

To find out more about hand pallet trucks and other manual handling equipment, and to buy online, visit or Tel: 0845 519 2700.

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About Pallet Trucks UK: Pallet Trucks UK is part of the Midland Bearings Ltd Group. It occupies a 60,000 sq ft distribution warehouse containing over £7 million worth of materials handling stock available for immediate shipping. 



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