Pallet Trucks UK offers customers incredible value for money

PalletTrucksUK has been at the forefront of warehouse equipment for over 30 years. A key supplier to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, their robust pallet trucks , stackers , platform lifts and moving skates but to name a few, have played a large role in aiding businesses as they make the switch from simple commerce business to omni-channel and even ecommerce-only businesses.

Dedicated to supporting businesses, the company prides itself on offering first-class customer service, as well as incredible value for money to all their customers – without compromising on quality. The one-stop shop for businesses of all sizes, and with all budgets, has a whole host of invaluable equipment available online that really add value to day to day processes without eating into profit margins.

As ecommerce continues to dominate the market, businesses are utilising warehouse space more creatively. Tall storage units are a prime example of this, and as a result, specialist equipment is required to ensure workers can safely manoeuvre products. High lift trucks, platform lifts and lift tables are all perfect for large warehouses with tall storage facilities. They can reach heights of up to 3 metres and are extremely simple to use.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of PalletTrucksUK, said, “The business world is extremely competitive at present; retail sales are slow and there are more companies than ever before competing in the same marketplace. Our sole aim is to provide businesses of all sizes with the equipment they need in order to streamline their processes so they can be as effective as possible, without spending over the odds.”

The company’s flagship piece of equipment, the Pallet Truck, is available in a range of styles to suit all environments. Hand pallet trucks are perfect for small warehouses where space may be limited. They are compact and agile, able to move in small spaces quickly. Extra wide pallet trucks are specifically for larger warehouses and bulkier items, while the rough terrain pallet truck is suitable for use in garden centres and where floors may not be smooth.

All of Pallet Trucks UK’s high-quality pallet trucks come with a full guarantee. The company also boasts additional offers to ensure they regularly meet their customers’ needs, as well as their budget.

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PalletTrucksUK is part of the Midland Group of Companies, which was established in 1984. Although the group operates several websites, we are not just another Internet only based company – we operate from large premises, based centrally in the Midlands. As a direct importer, we physical carry large stocks of product on site. Carrying these stocks helps us provide quick despatch of orders and at excellent prices.



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