Pallet Trucks UK Offers Galvanized Pallet Trucks As Pharmaceutical Industry Looks Set for Record Growth

Pallet Trucks UK’s range of galvanized and stainless steel pallet trucks are set to be in high demand throughout 2015 – especially in the pharmaceuticals industry, where it’s been predicted that the coming year will be another year of huge growth.

Approvals of new drugs soared to record levels in 2014, and many experts believe that 2015 will smash yet more records. For pharmaceutical environments, where cleanliness and sterility is crucial, galvanized and stainless steel pallet trucks are an excellent solution – and Pallet Trucks UK has a comprehensive range to choose from. Incredibly hardwearing and durable, the trucks can withstand freezing temperatures and the kind of harsh chemicals which are used to sterilise equipment, making them the perfect choice for pharmaceutical plants and other medical facilities.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK, says, “Stainless steel and galvanized hand pallet trucks are renowned for their ability to withstand almost anything without so much as a scratch. From abrasive cleaning products to freezing or incredibly hot temperatures, the trucks can hard as nails, and are the ideal for use in environments where they’ll undergo daily deep-cleans and intensive wash-downs.”

He adds, “We’ve put great effort into sourcing our collection of galvanized and stainless steel trucks, ensuring that they’re the best quality for all of our customers – and they’re all priced competitively, to guarantee the best value across the board.”

The global sales of the top 10 best-selling drugs are expected to hit $82bn (approximately £55bn) in 2015, and several hotly anticipated drugs are scheduled the hit the shelves, sending the industry soaring. New biologics for cancer and high cholesterol will become available, both of which are set to trigger a period of growth that experts predict will last for five years.

The EOSLIFT DBCZ Galvanized Pallet Truck is the flagship truck in the range, and ideally poised to handle the increased workload that industry growth demands. With 2000kg capacity and the most popular fork width – 540mm x 115mm – the truck is ideal for Euro pallets. The truck’s frame, handle, wheel frame and pushing rod also have advanced plating technology and processes which can help to improve the corrosion resistance of the truck’s surface. With such stringent hygiene regulations in pharmaceutical plants, it’s crucial that a truck can withstand both water and harsh chemicals without any of the parts becoming corrosive. Available at just £479.94 (VAT included), the truck is a worthwhile addition to any fleet looking to capitalise on the increased demand for certain pharmaceuticals.

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