Panlight Remote Flash Control Device Smashes 23k Target in 33 Hours

A London entrepreneur and photographer has taken crowdfunding to a whole new level with his new Kickstarter campaign. Mike Garrard and his innovative Panlight invention is currently £10,000 over his initial goal of £23,000 with 25 days to go on the project.

The Panlight has proved amazingly popular worldwide in the photography community, with 270 backers so far. Designed for professional photographers, the device can alter the tilt and direction of mirrorless cameras or remote flashes from 100ft away at the touch of a button.  The brain child of Mike Garrard, a professional photographer for almost a decade, the Panlight is being dubbed as the “virtual lighting assistant of the future.”

Mike Garrard, inventor of the Panlight said, “Working with cameras professionally day-in day-out, I understand the challenges and obstacles photographers have to face on the job. About a year ago I set about solving these frustrating problems and came up with Panlight. I knew it was a great idea for a product, but I have been overwhelmed with the amount of support it’s received in such a short time. We hit the funding target in just 33 hours of the campaign going live, which means Panlight will definitely go into the production stage.”

Panlight offers remote direction control for flash and cameras which has never before been available on the market. As a light-weight pan and tilt device, it gives full directional control of speedlight flashes or Wi-Fi controlled mirrorless cameras. Using a small pocket-sized remote control, photographers can change the direction of their device points from up to 100ft away, 360 degrees left and right, and nearly 180 degrees up and down. The device allows photographers to place cameras where they can’t usually shoot, producing unique angles or multi-view photography. Photographers can even choose to use multiple Panlights as four separate devices can be controlled from the same remote; this would give unprecedented angles and coverage for special events such as weddings.

Although designed in the UK, Panlight will be shipping worldwide from US and European destinations making the highly sought after invention available all around the globe. Backers on Kickstarter will be the first to receive the revolutionary Panlight in March 2015.

When asked of the stimulus for his idea, Mr Garrard said, “As a professional wedding photographer for nearly 10 years, I'm a regular user of off-camera flash. I got frustrated needing to accurately set up gridded lighting under time pressures, so to reduce set-up time I wanted to create something to allow this. I also wanted to create a tool to let me reach higher angles for things like large group photos, and aerial scene-setting shots of some of the amazing locations I was working in.”

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About Panlight: Designed in London, UK, the concept behind Panlight was to add speed and convenience to off-camera flash set-up, and bring more creative options to a photographer’s coverage by the use of remote cameras. Featuring two incredibly strong motors, Panlight features a 360 degree rotating base and a 140 degree tilting arm that allows you to mount your equipment and control where it points, via a simple to use remote control. Now the Kickstarter campaign has been funded, customers can expect to receive the first Panlights in March 2015.