Paper Artist Unveils Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Book

Art, craft and storytelling collide in a stunning new children’s book featuring beautifully hand crafted illustrations from celebrated paper artist, Lizzie Thomas. Cute, colourful and designed to captivate children aged between two and four, Coco & the Sunshine Cat follows the adventures of a young girl and her magical feline friend. To fast-track the story to bookshelves across the globe, Thomas has launched a Kickstarter campaign and is calling on the public to help introduce Coco & the Sunshine Cat to the world.

To celebrate the launch of her Kickstarter campaign Thomas has organised a series of craft workshops and book readings. Kids are invited to make their very own set of cat ears, parents can pre-order the book and Thomas herself will even be dressing up as a friendly feline. The first confirmed event will take place on Wednesday 3rd June, 11 am at The Dish & the Spoon, 61 Cheltenham Road, London SE15 3AF.

Driven by a love for creativity, Thomas is one of the UK’s most well-known paper artists. She has showcased her work in exhibitions across the globe, including From Grimm to Reality alongside David Hockney and Paula Rego, Flow Gallery’s Paper Works and the South Korea World Pop-Up Art touring exhibition alongside Robert Sabuda and Paul Jackson. Coco & the Sunshine Cat is her debut children’s novel that blends a lifelong passion for paper art with a childhood infatuation with the sundown adventures of moggies. 

Thomas says, “I wanted to write a storybook on an issue that matters to children, then illustrate it using my passion for paper craft techniques. The result is a unique and imaginative story that unfolds in a whirl of paper cuts, hand painted illustrations and recycled materials.”

Like most kids, Coco loves to bask in the sunshine but has an incurable fear of the dark. However when she befriends a sunny feline friend, Coco soon has her own personal ray of sunshine everywhere she goes. Together the pair venture into the Midnight Kingdom of the Shadows where Coco summons up all her bravery, and makes some new friends along the way! Artistic, inspired and utterly endearing, Thomas has succeeded in addressing a common childhood fear in an imaginative way that captures the hearts of kids and adults alike. For little ones who are scared of the shadows the book makes a fantastic bedtime story that will have kids sleeping sound all night long.

Thomas says, “The character of Coco was inspired by my collection of Japanese kokeshi dolls, simple figurines made out of painted wood that are given to children to play with. The glowing Sunshine Cat came to life when reminiscing about my experience of growing up with cats as a child, and continuously wondering where they went at night.”

Supporting the Kickstarter campaign earns backers a range of tiered rewards. Pledges of £5 or more will have their name listed in a special thank you page on the website, pledges of £15 or more will receive a signed colour copy of the paperback book, pledges of £250 will enjoy a personal visit and book reading from Lizzie Thomas, pledges of £500 or more receive a special opportunity to receive original artwork from the book while one generous pledge of £1000 or more will receive the original set of the Shadow Dance party scene.

Raised funds will be used to finish the illustrations, prepare the book for the pre-press stage, and then self-publish, market and distribute an initial run of 500 full colour, 32 page paperback copies. Key markets include the UK, as well as South Korea and China which have demonstrated a fixation with the unique illustration style.  

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Coco & the Sunshine Cat is the latest storybook from renowned British paper artist, Lizzie Thomas. The book features beautiful hand-crafted illustrations using paper cutting techniques, hand painting and recycling materials. Thomas has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project and fast-track it to commercial bookshelves.