We live in a world where we do everything online. We want everything at the touch of a button that takes less time and helps us live our life with as much ease as possible. This was why Pay Per Minute Coaching was created. Everyone around the globe can access One to One Coaching online with an expert 24/7, all at a click of a button.

For years people have been accessing tarot readers, psychics and chat lines via a pay per minute platform and the demand for these has not stopped. More and more people need immediate gratification, hence YouTube “How to” videos become popular, as many prefer to learn something from a video than physically go out to learn.

The demand for Life Coaching is huge. Celebrities, sports professionals, Health Care Professionals, students, they are all looking for Coaches to show them the tools they need to stay focussed on the outcome they want for their life. But in reality, sometimes finding the right coach can be time consuming and making an appointment can also add to that. Sometimes all one needs is a coach on the spot.

Life can bring many ups and downs that can leave an individual feeling motivated one moment and feeling negative the next. Waiting for an appointment with a Coach and trawling through lists of coaches when the person is feeling down, can add to the negative feeling. Having a site where they can see the Coaches all in one place, select the Coach that is right for them; they are able to talk to someone online at that point, cutting out the waiting game. This enables the individual to gain valuable coaching for their situation at the time they need it the most.

Pay Per Minute Coaching offers Life Coaching, Career & Business Coaching, Nutrition and Fitness Coaching to all worldwide. Certified Coaches from this service are from the UK, Australia and the US. Pay Per Minute Coaching are always expanding their team with new coaches on a regular basis, as the aim is to have as many coaches available to individuals when the need it. One to One coaching options available: Video Chat, Audio Chat and Messaging Chat. All the client has to do is pay the rate per minute for the coach selected. Call duration is up to 30 minutes, in order to keep this cost effective for the client.

The Pay per Minute Coaching Team are extremely passionate about this service. There are many positive benefits to be gained from coaching and the more people can easily access coaching from an expert in the comfort of their own home at an affordable rate, the more we will help people to believe in themselves and have the confidence to reach their goals and achieve the success they want in their lives. By feeling more positive this can have a huge impact on people’s health and especially those dealing with anxiety which is a common and increasing mental health issue.

Pay Per Minute Coaching is a solution that many need, to obtain expert advice and faster results just when they need it all at click of the button.

Coach Rita Hurry Founder & Life Coach Email: Tel No: 07960376339



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