PC Gaming Winning Video Game War Through Free-to-Play Titles, says Expert

Former software designer and expert in all things gaming, John Romero, has asserted his view that PC games are once again dominating the video game industry, and not just because of any form of technological superiority or advanced breakthroughs – but because of the free-to-play gaming model that many games now offer. Romero believes that game makers are now concentrating on a model that makes gamers want to offer their money for more gaming, rather than have to stump up the cash up front before they experience any of the game itself.

Leading online gaming site, MyRealGames, is thoroughly in agreement with Mr Romero – free games for the PC are one of the biggest benefits of computer gaming. Their own site has hundreds of free download games and in-browser titles that shun upfront payment and subscription for good old-fashioned gaming fun – no frills, no fuss, no hidden costs.

Nikolai Veselov, of MyRealGames, says, “Mr Romero’s sentiments regarding PC games are right on the money – many game designers are now focusing on creating high-quality free games that endear themselves so much to players that they want to pay more for a richer experience. At MyRealGames, we adhere to some of this way of thinking, but we firmly believe that great quality games should not come at a premium price. We charge no subscription fees, upfront costs or even in-game purchases – just great gaming experiences for anyone with a PC.”

The benefits of PC gaming over console gaming are numerous:

- Gamers are not tied to one single gaming service – Xbox Live or Playstation Network don’t exist on PC. Different operating systems have no problem communicating and playing against one another.

- PC gamers have ‘Abandonware’ – the term used to describe classic old games that can’t be bought anywhere, but can still be downloaded legally, for free.

- Thanks to external hard drives, PC gamers have potentially unlimited storage space.

- Many computer monitors have much higher resolution than conventional TVs.

But aside from all of these advantages and perks of PC gaming, it is the cost element that is attracting most gamers to the platform. Gaming doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby – it can be as cheap as gamers want it to be, as long as they find the right system and platform to play it on.

MyRealGames currently has no plans to charge users for its service – free games are part of the ethos of the company, and despite an industry where pay-to-play gaming and in-app purchases are commonplace, the online games provider is not about to abandon all those who love free online gaming.

To find out more about MyRealGames’ fantastic free game selection, please visit: www.myrealgames.com

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About MyRealGames:  MyRealGames have fast made a name for themselves as one of the US’s premier free online gaming sites. All games are fully licensed for PC’s, have unlimited gameplay time and are 100% free. The site offers a diverse range of genres meaning there is something for every online gaming lover.