PDC Education Publishes ‘Depression’ KS4 Resources For Secondary School Teachers

PDC Education Publishes ‘Depression’ KS4 Resources For Secondary School Teachers

PDC Education is spearheading a new initiative to better equip teachers in secondary schools to educate pupils about depression. It has compiled a series of KS4 teaching resources to introduce the concept of depression in the classroom, develop strategies for recognising symptoms in oneself and others and correcting common misconceptions about those suffering from mental health issues. The suggested series of lesson plans conclude with a student-led research session into help available for those suffering from depression.

Spread over a series of four lessons, the potentially difficult subject of depression is tackled from social, physical and mental viewpoints. It can be taught alongside modules related to topics such as alcohol and drug abuse. Resources are designed to increase awareness and understanding of depression amongst pupils as well as encourage students to ask for help with emotional difficulties. The teacher kit is available to download now from the PDC Education website, www.teaching-resources-uk.com.

Rebecca Jordan, Director of PDC Education said, “Depression is a topic that has been at the forefront of many newspapers and magazines in recent months, but despite increased publicity, mental health is still a widely misunderstood topic and one that can be difficult to introduce and discuss effectively in a classroom.

“Teaching-Resources-UK.com’s new depression section is designed to tackle this problem via the provision of detailed lesson plans, suggested activities and worksheets. It encourages teachers and students to recognise that some pupils may well be struggling to cope with the pressures of academic life, family life and relationships and that for some, this pressure may lead to depression. In this series of lessons, students will learn that depression is an illness and is more than the feeling of simply being 'fed up'.”

The publication of PDC Education’s PSHE resources is timely, coming as UK mental health charity Mind launches a joint ‘Hey, It’s OK’ campaign with women’s magazine, Glamour and The Saturday’s star, Frankie Sandford. The singer, who has recently confirmed that she was hospitalised for a month last year due to depression, encourages youngsters to be open about their emotions and seek help when needed.

With an estimated 1 in 10 adolescents aged 13-19 expected to experience a depressive episode according to the voluntary organisation Aware, PDC Education’s KS4 depression teaching resources can be taught individually or in classroom groups. Learning outcomes include greater understanding about depression in relation to the healthy triangle, an increased awareness of the signs of depression and development of empathy and support structures amongst students towards depressed classmates, friends or family members.

The four lesson units are entitled;

  • The Concept of Depression
  • The Symptoms of Depression
  • Supportive Behaviour
  • Information Available on Depression

Each lesson plan and all supporting materials can be downloaded from www.teaching-resources-uk.com.


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