Pearl Scan Offers Digital Solution As Experts Suggest Lack of Investment is ‘Pushing Users Away’ From Libraries

A draft report says that £20m should be invested in digital services to prevent libraries from becoming outdated

Pearl Scan, a fast and effective scanning and digitisation service, is offering a simple solution to help digitise local libraries, to prevent them from pushing users away with outdated media.

A report entitled Essential Digital Infrastructure for Public Libraries in England has found that £20m should be invested in digitisation for libraries over the next three years, in order to prevent them from becoming ‘soup kitchens for the written word’. The document also comments that the rapid advancement of digital technology has not been kind to libraries, and offers a number of suggestions to help libraries leverage digital media to satisfy library users across the country.

Pearl Scan offers such a service which could help with the digitisation of thousands of documents in a fast and cost-effective manner. The scanning provider offers document and book scanning services, creating digital reproductions of much-loved texts which could help to bring outdated archives into the twenty-first century.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director of Pearl Scan, says, “Libraries across the country are falling into disrepair and are no longer the cornerstones of many communities. This new document commissioned by Bibliocommons shows that libraries could end up pushing users even further away if they don’t act fast and adapt to the new digital world we live in.”

Naveed adds, “Here at Pearl Scan, we offer a range of digitisation services which could help libraries to overcome these challenges. Digital services in libraries currently receive less than 1% of the total budget, but with a little investment and the help of some key providers, libraries can provide an enriched digital experience for users, and help ensure these local institutions remain invaluable to the community.”

Steps are already being taken to initiate the digitisation of public libraries, with the Society of Chief Librarians and the British Library holding a workshop which explores the need to develop a single digital presence for UK libraries. This single presence could bring together all content under one roof, making it available to anyone, anywhere.

But to complete this mammoth task, a comprehensive scanning service would be needed. Pearl Scan offers just that, scanning bound and unbound books and offering two key digitisation methods that would make texts available to view online. The books can be transferred to almost any format, from PDF to ePub and even HTML, making the texts more accessible to a wider audience than ever before – and potentially saving many libraries from the threat of extinction.

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