Peer to peer purchasing platform Art2Arts builds business on transparency and trust

As the consumer landscape shifts towards favouring transparent brands, online art gallery Art2Arts highlights its dedication to building a trusted community for buying and selling art online. Using an innovative peer-to-peer selling platform, Art2Arts is an easy to use and reliable source for purchasing original art online, direct from the artists.

With the era of large and fast spending coming to a close, consumers now demonstrate behaviour of ‘conscious capitalism’. Rather than choosing their purchases purely on aesthetic or superficial qualities, many now desire to know that the money they spend will be used ethically. There is a much greater requirement to also learn the origins of each item that they are buying. When applying this mind-set to the world of art and design, it can be hard to find a retailer that caters to this developing need.

Michelle Gibbs, director of Art2Arts commented, “This shift in consumer behaviour doesn’t surprise me, especially when applied to the art retail landscape. When buying art it is important to know that you are doing so from an honest retailer. A fake, forged or bodged piece of artwork is nowhere near as satisfying as a unique piece of original art handcrafted by a truly creative mind. That is why we allow each artist selling their work online to have a profile and a presence, to connect with each potential customer of their pieces.”

Art2Arts operates with an underlying passion for providing its customers with original artwork, whilst fully supporting the artist that creates each piece. With no charges or fees, creatives can list their work on the art gallery platform and keep a high percentage of their earnings with the remarkably low commission rate.

Gibbs continued, “As well as our artists, we also value our customers highly and do what we can to make them feel welcome and in safe hands when using Art2Arts. The great thing about selling online, is the instant feedback culture. We are proud to have achieved an excellent rating on Trustpilot, and post our customer feedback publicly with pride!”

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Art2Arts is a growing online art gallery and community of artists all striving for the same goal - to offer something unique and one-off to customers. It prides itself on selling no mass produced prints, with only original artwork on offer to home-owners, collectors and businesses looking for that something different.



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