Pension Scandal Victim Finally Receives Payout After Hiring Get Claims Advice

Roy, a client in his 50s, was able to reclaim his pension fund after the Financial Service Compensation Scheme initially rejected his claim.

A victim of the growing mis-sold pension scandal has finally received a long-awaited compensation payout, after hiring the services of Get Claims Advice. The firm has released a video, which details the case and its eventual resolution, giving hope to others who find themselves in the same stressful situation.

Roy was left devastated when pension investments he placed into a Self-Invested Personal Pension went into liquidation, taking his full retirement fund with it. The financial advice firm which advised Roy on the initial investment then went bankrupt, leaving nobody for the Financial Ombudsman to chase in order to reclaim Roy’s money.

After filling out endless complicated forms and documents in order to reclaim his pension funds through the Financial Service Compensation Scheme – whose role it is to facilitate payouts to victims of such scandals - Roy was stunned to discover his claim had been rejected. Roy puts this down to the incredibly complex claims application process, which he admits was a problem for him due to the nature of the forms and his own lack of experience in the industry.

Fortunately, Roy made a last-ditch attempt to reclaim his retirement funds by turning to claims management company, Get Claims Advice. In a happy turn of events, he was able to recover his complete retirement fund – but the entire process left Roy wondering why the Financial Service Compensation Scheme made things so difficult for the layman, when that’s exactly who they’re supposed to be assisting.

Roy says, “I’m thrilled I turned to Get Claims Advice Ltd to help me reclaim the money. If it had been left up to me, I’d never have received my retirement fund back. I can’t praise the team enough.”

Luke Sharman, Director of Get Claims Advice, says, “We’re huge fans of the work done by the FSCS, but the complicated paperwork and lengthy claims process can be off-putting for many individuals who have been mis-sold pensions. When faced with a choice between going it alone, claiming through the FSCS, or turning to a claims management company for assistance, clients almost always take the CMC option. There are fees involved with this route, but clients would rather pay for this service than battle through the process alone.”

Mr Sharman adds, “A mis-sold pension has the power to devastate lives, and while a direct claim to the FSCS remains a daunting and stressful process, many will continue to trust firms like Get Claims Advice to take on their claim. We’ll always keep our rates as long as possible for this reason, so victims can reclaim their hard-earned pensions and pull their retirement prospects back from the brink.”

Roy’s story goes a long way to highlighting the huge gulf in scandal awareness between those working in financial services, and the general public who use these services.

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