Perorno Unveils Resplendent 2015 Collection

Spanish jewellery brand, Perorno is continuing to push the boundaries of traditional design with its exquisite new 2015 collection. Inspired by creativity, passion and gilt-edged craftsmanship, the new line reimagines the conventions of luxury accessories.

This year, expect to see a cornucopia of exquisite trinkets encompassing everything from feminine style pieces and classic cuts to dazzling engagement rings and contemporary wedding bands. Ethereal silvers juxtapose against caramel coloured golds, dazzling diamonds sit in perfectly shaped coronets and gleaming pearls drip off delicate chains. From special occasions and poignant milestones to extravagant treats for loved ones or simple self-indulgences, the new collection is a treasure trove of spectacular pieces that exude superior quality.

Kabir Ahmed, Perorno CEO says, “The 2015 Perorno collection has been in the making for quite some time and we’re incredibly excited to finally unveil our latest creations. There’s something for every taste and we’re certain that our customer will fall head over heels for what we’ll be showcasing this year.” 

Armed with a reputation as one of the world’s leading artisan jewellers, Perorno has forged relationships with a host of prestigious designers, sought after brands, A-list celebrities and high profile royals across the globe. The company was borne from a simple idea to push the boundaries of traditional design and is now hailed as an international institution. Over 50 years Perorno has honed, developed and finely tuned its skills to create collection after collection of luxury jewellery that don’t cost the earth. The latest 2015 range reflects its ongoing dedication to staying at the forefront of luxury jewellery trends while simultaneously incorporating its own unique ideas and innovations.

Perfectionists by both nature and profession, Perorno goes above and beyond to ensure that each piece of jewellery is instilled with an integral eye for detail at each stage of the design and production process. Today, the boutique employs over 300 full time artisans who personally handcrafted every item in the 2015 collection. This meticulous approach ensures absolute perfection in every piece. 

The entire 2015 collection has been crafted in compliance with the brand’s environmental policy. Should any mistakes or imperfections arise artisans will actively re-use materials in order to prevent excess waste, without compromising on quality.

Francisco Fernandez, Chief Franchise Officer is currently welcoming expressions of interest from franchise partners wishing to retail the range or commission custom designs.

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For over half a decade Perorno has been evolving and advancing its passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional jewellery design. Inspired by a blend of historic jewellery designs and cutting edge trends, Perorno collections are unique, exciting and diverse. All pieces are handcrafted by a team of artisans in the Cordoba based atelier.