Personal Development For Team Gain from Sundial Teamscapes

Personal development is a vital cog in the machine of a workforce; without first progressing as individuals, how can a team expect to advance? The dog-eat-dog world of business demands that teams play to the strengths of their individual members to achieve the highest rate of success, and by developing these independent skills and strengths, teamwork can greatly enhanced. Sundial Teamscapes’ series of dynamic and budget-friendly team building activities can prove to be a priceless resource when trying to get ahead and stay ahead in any industry. Delivered across three sites, their courses are specifically designed to aid development in all the essential traits needed by individuals to come together effectively as a team.

At Highgate House in Northamptonshire, Barnett Hill in Surrey, or Woodside in Warwickshire, there are plenty of opportunities to undertake bespoke indoor or outdoor team building activities, tailor-made to each group to work on the skills most needed. The courses generally promote universal teamwork and improved communication, but can also be adapted to address areas more relevant to specific groups; creativity, problem solving, time keeping and leadership skills are among the many skills tackled.

Each of the country houses features hand-crafted installations set amongst picturesque locations, promoting focus and concentration on any outdoor or indoor team building exercise. The activities are designed for all levels of physical ability; the aim is not to be too physically strenuous, but to get the mental muscles working individually and as a team.

To offer participants further motivation in their personal development, there is the option to undertake one of Sundial Teamscapes’ Team Building Qualifications. Equivalent to a GCSE, the qualification offers a solid outcome to show progress and encourage growth. The course is accredited by Educational Development International and is a great way to measure the personal development of individuals whose work may sometimes go unnoticed as part of a team. It is not the sort of qualification an employee will gain from just turning up; full contribution is expected, and the certificate will not be earned without it.

Sundial’s team building exercises aim to ensure that, by developing each employee’s skillset, the team can stay ahead of the curve. Adding more string to an employee’s bow can only be a good thing, and with these bespoke courses, participants can constantly add to their list of abilities and strengths. The more competent the workforce, the higher the productivity levels and the more the budgets will benefit.

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About Sundial Group: The Sundial Teamscapes team building activity toolkit is the next generation of work-based development, with straightforward delivery of powerful learning outcomes in a format with which everyone will engage.

Step away from classroom based learning and instead connect with simulations of everyday challenges in a non-threatening environment, to observe how the individuals in your team respond to situations and to each other, in order to develop.

Teamscapes can be delivered at any venue or at your workplace.  The toolkit has a selection of indoor and outdoor team building activities, as well as culinary-based activities.