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With six locations now accepting patients across the UK, Physology has definitively introduced Britain to the future of pain management. Blending the latest ‘fascia’ biomechanics research with a holistic understanding of pain management, The Physology Method pioneers a unique system that delivers fast, effective results. This revolutionary new treatment is proving so effective it has been readily adopted by Premier League footballers at the top of their game and led to calls for an NHS inclusion.

Unlike traditional pain management that focuses exclusively at the site of pain, on the skeletal system and its musculature, Physology calls on biomechanics, soft tissues and fascia. It is based on the latest research into the human body, which focuses on the soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and everything in between. Most importantly it takes into account the role of the tissue that connects all these seemingly separate parts – fascia. As these connective tissues make up over 80% of the human body, they can play a critical role in triggering pain. By assessing the body as a ‘movement machine’ Physology practitioners are able to pinpoint pain and deliver hands on treatment drawn from a host of different disciplines.

Drawing on Sports Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release, Physology practitioners are armed with a powerful inventory of techniques. Every treatment plan is tailored to specific symptoms, which means each patient receives 100% bespoke pain management therapy.

“I haven’t treated a single patient in the last 10 years whose chronic pain didn’t have its cause rooted in a problem with their fascia – the connective tissue that holds their body together. Thousands of patients have entered our doors after being told their pain is incurable because their practitioner doesn’t understand where to look, only to become pain free due to Physology treatment taking into account the fascia and the body as a whole.” says James Tyrell-Nestor, founder of Physology.

Despite being a new addition to the British pain management scene, Tyrell-Nestor’s transformative Physology Method has quickly gained momentum across the country. It is now also trusted by professional athletes across the globe. Adopted by Premier League Stars and GB Athletes, Physology has emerged as an avant-garde method for pain treatment. Everton FC and England International, Leighton Baines hails it as a ‘game changing treatment’, while patients and medical professionals alike are advocating for its addition to the NHS.

Physology has branches in Leeds, Manchester, Hull, Burnley, Bradford and Glasgow and has plans to expand into more cities across the UK and USA in 2016.

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With branches in Leeds, Manchester, Hull, Burnley, Bristol and Glasgow, Physology is revolutionising pain management across the country. Using the latest cutting edge research into biomechanics, soft tissues and fascia, physology treatment takes a holistic approach to pain management. Conditions include short term injuries, long term chronic pain and other conditions such as sciatica, nerve impingements, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain and joint discomfort. 



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