Pinnacle Online Retail Expands Product Line with New Manufacturer and Brand Confirmed

The innovating US retailer – which launched a short time ago with a mission to transform the way US shoppers source and buy online – has announced an expansion to its product line.

The etailer founded by highly regarded customer service expert and savvy internet marketer Kim Santora has confirmed the addition of a new manufacturer and a new brand to its stable of suppliers. As a result of the new partnership, Tykhe Gadget Lab will produce a brand new GoPro Case under the brand name Tykhe.

Santora said, “The word Tykhe actually means goddess of chance and good fortune. It also coincidently rhymes with Nike which means goddess of victory. We’re delighted that they will be launching their brand new GoPro Case with Pinnacle Online Retail and can’t wait to send out the first products to customers.

“As a brand Tykhe is consistent with typical GoPro case users of thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts who need good luck not to hurt themselves as they pursue life to the fullest. We wish all our customers good fortune and good luck in life and see Tykhe as the perfect partner!”

The new Tykhe products will soon be in store at and available for shipping across the US. To find out more about Pinnacle Online Retail, stop by the Pinnacle Online Retail Facebook page.

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