Planning A Big Move? Make Packing and Moving Home A Breeze with SnappyBox

Moving house is undoubtedly one of life’s most stressful experience – but innovative new start-up Snappybox is aiming to make it a breeze with their fast, efficient and secure packaging offers. Snappybox deliver robust plastic crates to doorsteps all over London, in place of regular cardboard boxes and other disposable moving materials, meaning it’s never been easier for those packing up their possessions and transferring them to a new property. 

Statistics uncovered last year found that moving house is one of life’s major stresses. It’s said to trigger more anxiety than bankruptcy, divorce and even a bereavement - so naturally anyone looking to move home is bound to be searching for a way to make it easier! With Snappybox, moving home doesn’t need to be an unpleasant experience – it can be simple and easy, with hardwearing plastic boxes that store all personal belongings and keep them safe during the big transition.

Kay Egal, Co-Founder of Snappybox says, “We don’t need a study to know that moving house is incredibly stressful – there’s so much to think about, from mortgages and key handovers to new neighbours and mail redirection. At Snappybox, we want to help take a load off our customers’ minds, almost literally! Our plastic boxes can help make the moving process more streamlined and simple; no more packing tape littering your home, no more cardboard boxes collapsing with your prized plate collection inside – just sturdy, hardwearing plastic boxes that make packing and moving a breeze.”

The Snappybox process is simple. Customers call the team and let them know when they’d like their boxes to be delivered, and how many they’d like. Then, in as little as six hours, the Snappybox team arrive on the customer’s doorstep, laden with re-usable, robust plastic boxes that are ideal for storing everything from dinnerware to bedding. The customer now has an array of tough, spacious boxes at their disposal to make the moving process quicker and more secure for all belongings.

Once the customer is settled in their new property, and their Snappybox crates are unpacked, it’s time to give the Snappybox team a call once more. The team will show up on the double to collect the now-empty boxes, leaving the customer with a box-free home that they can enjoy without worrying about recycling their cardboard boxes or disposing of their bubble wrap. 

Snappybox helps to save customers in many different ways. It saves time – no more long assembly or struggles with sticky tape. The boxes also stack neatly on top of one another, so there’ll be no balancing acts in the back of the removal van! Snappybox crates also save money – rental moving boxes are much cheaper than buying cardboard boxes which are never to be used again. Lastly, Snappybox helps to save the environment. The sustainable, environmentally-friendly boxes can be used up to 400 times – unlike cardboard, which is used once or twice and then discarded entirely.

Snappybox is out to transform how we feel about moving home. For more information about Snappybox, visit the website: 

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Tel: 01623 428996 (ext 2)