Planning for Christmas Already? Sock Subscription Service Henry J Socks is the Perfect Stocking Filler

We are a nation of forward-planners and early-shoppers when it comes to Christmas; around 10% of us will start planning for Christmas during the month of September, giving them more than 100 days to tick off every name on their personal list of who’s been naughty or nice this year. The man of the house will most likely be at the top of the list, and his present can be easily ticked off with Henry J Socks’ innovative sock subscription service that means he’ll never be seen with a threadbare heel or a holey toe ever again.

Henry Powell, managing director of Henry J Socks, says, “Socks are the old standby at Christmas when buying gifts for men; they are functional and practical, they are always needed, and they come in colours, patterns and sizes that will suit everyone. Our service extends the warm pleasure you get from opening a pair of lovely new socks and allows the man of the house to experience that on a monthly basis. He will never grace the kitchen in the morning with a big toe visible again with our monthly supply of comfortable and cosy socks.”

The entire range of Henry J Socks are brightly coloured and perfect for everyday use. Want to add a flash of colour under office slacks? These socks will do the job. Want something comfortable to warm your feet on a cold morning? The range of Henry J Socks will stock something to warm even the coldest of toes.

The subscription service is flexible and varied; members can receive their socks for three months, six months or a whole year, and they can be delivered in packages with one pair, two pair or three pairs. Whether the socks are for a brother, who likes his socks striped like his favourite rugby shirt, or for your husband with a penchant for heel and toe socks, there is an option to suit everyone.

The service even allows access to the Holy Grail of washing cycles and laundry baskets; a spare sock selection service. If your boyfriend, brother, son or friend happens to lose one of his red heel and toe socks, or a green and blue striped one that he loved to wear, Henry J Socks offers the opportunity to buy one spare sock to complete the set once more; the perfect Christmas gift that will last them the whole year round.

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The country’s favourite sock subscription service, Henry J Socks offers the opportunity to buy a monthly package of socks as gifts or as additions to the family sock drawers. With up to three pairs of socks available to order every month, customers never need to succumb to holey toes and threadbare heels again.