Portfolio Display's Exhibition Guide

As a leading provider of displays and solutions, Portfolio Display has many years of experience in the business of exhibitions and trade shows. From the sourcing of the exhibition itself to choosing the right banner stands with which to fill the space, there are many elements to consider in order to have a successful show. This guide offers the top three tips on how to make the most of an exhibition or trade show, through the appropriate equipment and the right preparation.


Hundreds of events, from the small town-hall type shows to the globally promoted exhibitions take place all over the UK every day, with specialist shows for everything from health food to warehousing and from weddings to eco-friendly business solutions. How can a business be sure that they are attending the right event for them and their audience? It is important to carry out thorough research on all appropriate events first. If possible, converse with event organisers and contact businesses or individuals who have taken displays there in the past in order to get a better idea of visitor numbers and demographics. In the case of bigger events, audited attendance records are often accessible for even more detailed research. Attending the right event can ensure maximum exposure to the right people; even if the best event is further to travel, it is worth preparing portable roller banner stands and making the journey rather than opting for a lesser event simply because it's closer.


There are two main options for exhibitors to consider when they plan the actual layout and set-up of their space. The first option is space which, as the name might suggest, is simply an allocated area of the exhibition room which has been stripped back so that exhibitors have free reign over the space. They may fill it with pop-up banner stands or twist banners in order to make the most of the allotted space, and all lighting must be provided by the exhibitor. The other option is the 'shell' option, where a standard exhibition package is included. This often features carpet, walls, electrical sockets and sometimes feature lighting options, as well as a name board or basic banner. Budget restraints will often mean that businesses will choose the shell option, but being given total freedom over a space can allow for a completely personalised and unique display.


The day of the exhibition or trade show will be nerve-wracking for everyone involved, but the immense feeling of achievement which comes as a result of smashing targets, gaining new clients and making many direct sales is unmatchable. Make eye contact with as many passers-by as possible, and ensure that all exhibition stands and equipment is appropriately lit so as to attract the highest number of visitors. Offer promotional gifts such as pens, key rings or USB drives containing vital information about the company, and be sure to keep records of all prospective clients to follow up on at a later date.

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