HealthGAINS is one of the leading providers of hormone replacement therapy in the US and they have launched a revamped and updated website. This website provides their clients with a treasure trove of information on the various therapies they offer, arming them with all the knowledge they need in order to make an informed decision before undergoing treatment.

HealthGAINS is run by Dr. Richard Gaines, a Harvard educated expert on hormone replacement therapy. The facility specializes in helping those who suffer from a wide range of symptoms associated with hormone deficiency, such as fatigue, depression, weight gain, joint pains and low sex drive. Many of these symptoms of age-related hormonal decline can be easy treated and even reversed through the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Unfortunately, however, there are many less-than-reputable clinics out there that offer these treatments, many of whom are doing so without the correct qualifications or proper medical training. Some don’t even have doctors working in their clinics! This can have devastating effects on patients for whom HRT may not be the best cure for their symptoms. Dr. Gaines on the other hand will only treat patients who have a genuine need for the treatments the HealthGAINS clinic offers, and only after a thorough consultation. And although there are other clinics operating in the US that offer a similar service to HealthGAINS, these are usually very expensive. HealthGAINS, however, pride themselves on offering the best treatment at affordable prices.

Dr. Gaines says “It’s most important to me to see my patients thriving in their hormone therapy programs. At HealthGAINS, the care and follow up with our patients is our number one priority. We believe that patients should have access to hormone replacement therapy and that income should not be a restriction.

Patients who maybe suffering from the symptoms of andropause or menopause are encouraged to explore the new website, and read through the wealth of information it contains before booking themselves in for a consultation at the health and wellness facility. The in-depth FAQ page and blogs will provide clients with all the information about Hormone Replacement Therapy, Human Growth Hormone Therapy and Testosterone Replacement Therapy they need to be able to get the most out of their consultation.

Once clients have educated themselves on the benefits of HRT, there is a form on the new website that allows them to arrange an appointment at HealthGAINS Florida based clinic. The clinic itself offers patients a relaxed ‘spa-like’ environment ensuring clients are as comfortable as possible during their stay. They even offer a travel concierge service to any patients who are visiting from out of state. HealthGAINS arranges all transport to and from their facility for patients traveling from within the continental United States. Patients can even chose to have a same day service, being flown to the clinic, treated and flown back home in one day, or they can extend their stay and take in some of the Florida sunshine.

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Dr. Richard Gaines is President and Chief Medical Officer of HealthGAINS, an Age Management medical practice he founded in 2005 after a distinguished 30-year career as a physician and healthcare executive.