Premium Handbag Brand Brix + Bailey Announces the Launch of its New Collection

After a signature trans-Atlantic collaboration, luxury accessories brand, Brix + Bailey its set to launch its eminently desirable new collection of bags. Inspired by tastemakers and fashion muses in both New York and London, the new collection is a wonderfully refined offering of covetable bags.

In the three short years since creating their eponymous label, the design duo has jointly jumped hurdle after hurdle winning acclaim and sartorial nous for Brix + Bailey. The path to proving their mettle has been littered with envious firsts – a runway debut with a show at London Fashion Week in collaboration with Ethologie by Jasper Garvida and a subsequent feature in British Vogue. Now, a new threshold beckons with a promise of great things to come later this year,

The Brix + Bailey brand offers a subtle sense of inclusivity. Here is something for everyone to aspire to: considered, usable, stylish bags in luxury leathers - not to mention the surprising, unexpected flair of witty mod inspired colours which backstops the collection. 

Brix + Bailey is quietly building a great business, both commercial and directional, with a growing international following, the development of a leather accessory business and the launch of a shoe collection to catapult them to the next level. Part of Brix + Bailey's mission is to produce as much locally as possible to support manufacturing in England.

The identities of Brix + Bailey are something of a mystery, with the creative duo never having revealed much about themselves. We have the bare facts: they are a brother and sister duo, one living in London, the other in NYC. The aesthetic is a cool, minimal London-New York juxtaposition with stand-out pieces that are effortlessly on trend, yet unexpectedly timeless...or just refreshingly matter-of-fact. 

So, in their third year, working from a new larger studio with a bigger team, but always in control, Brix + Bailey are, yes, getting their ducks in a row. And 2016, is the perfect time to do it.

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