Prep Your Wardrobe For Seasonal Cycling With Style

There was once a time when ladies’ cycling went hand-in-hand with skin-tight sports gear, ill-fitting Lycra and unfashionable helmets in the most garish of colours. Luckily for the UK’s legions of female cyclists, this unfortunate trend has passed, and more and more women see cycling as a great way to showcase their fashion credentials. No longer do women feel they must race down busy roads on bulky mountain bikes; not with vintage Dutch bicycles such as those from MyBeautifulBike.

Norma MacCaskil, one of the founders of the bicycle website aimed at women who don’t want to sacrifice style to cycle, says, “In the UK, many people believe that cycling is a serious form of exercise, which requires scary-looking gear and a plethora of gadgets to track fast rides. On the continent, cycling is much more relaxed; it is a pastime, people hop on their classic cycles to head to the shops and run other errands rather than stepping into trainers and going as fast as they can. Our range of beautiful bikes reflects this European ethos. We want our cyclists to have fun and look great while they whizz from A to B.”

Creating the perfect cycling wardrobe is tough, especially with a change in the seasons approaching. Whilst in summer, it would be fine to breeze around the city in a stylish tea dress, now that the weather is starting to cool, it is time to search for an option that combines style with practicality. The ultimate cycling outfit is something which looks effortlessly cool, allows freedom of movement, and is incredibly comfortable. As the autumn leaves begin to fall, don a pair of trusty black leggings and a loose shirt for a look which is easy to wear and offers optimum comfort for those days out on the bike. Add in a messenger bag, or alternatively choose a charming wicker basket to combine with a sit-up-and-beg Dutch bicycle to pay homage to the vintage screen starlets of old.

It may sound foolish to wear a skirt to go out cycling, but as the temperatures drop and you reach for your trusty woollen tights, it might not be such a bad idea after all. A skater skirt in rich burgundy combined with a cashmere jumper can keep ladies warm as they take to their bikes, and if the British weather shows signs of an Indian summer, you can always keep a vest top handy in your pannier rack or bike basket!

Footwear wise, it is not unusual to see women out and about wearing ballet flats as they cycle; they are comfortable, practical and fine for nipping to the shops or out for brunch. For longer journeys or colder days, try adding a pair of baseball pumps to an outfit; they are sporty without being too over the top, and they offer support for the feet while pounding those pedals. Cyclist doesn’t have to be about Lycra and breathable jerseys, and women no longer sacrifice their fashion credentials for a day out on their beautiful bikes. 

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Supplying Dutch-style utility bikes to women all over the country, MyBeautifulBike’s exquisite range of bicycles are ideal for seasoned amateurs or cycling novices who won’t sacrifice on style.