Prepare For a Cycling Holiday With Beautiful Bike Accessories From

At long last the cycling revolution is upon us, and people right across the UK are adopting the two-wheeled approach to life. However, the bicycle is not just a convenient means of getting to work; it can also be a great way to see Britain.  Cycling holidays are becoming ever more popular, allowing cyclists to experience the landscape that they are passing through and providing a fun and healthy way to travel.

Luckily women no longer have to compromise on style while they traverse the cycle paths of the British countryside. is here to kit you out before you ride off into the sunset with a range of bike accessories that combine beauty and function. To accompany their popular line of imported Dutch sit up and beg bicycles, the site offers various accessories to ensure that you have everything you need for a cycling holiday, from retro styled bells to classic wicker baskets.

Safety comes first but elegance a close second with the Sawako Furuno helmets. The helmets can be chosen from a range of beautiful and playful styles, such as the fierce and fun Leopard helmet, ideal for unleashing your inner wild child with its animal print. The Hanabi helmet boasts a more versatile and feminine design, taking inspiration from Japanese prints of flowers and fireworks, and the Crocodile Brown helmet offers a chic, glamorous look with faux crocodile leather. Perfect for big or little girls, the Ribbon Pink helmet is one of the most popular designs and has been featured in a number of fashion magazines. There’s definitely something for everyone, meaning you can be safe and chic in equal measures whilst cycling through beautiful scenery. also has it covered with your saddle – literally. Yet again, function has been combined with style for the Red & White Basil Saddle Cover, which features a retro polka dot print and would protect the seat of your treasured bicycle whilst channelling a playful vintage vibe.

In keeping with the beautiful vintage aesthetic that projects, the site also offers classic wicker baskets. Measuring 18” in size, these large baskets will provide all the space you need for picnics, books, sun cream and even a jumper should the Great British weather turn against you whilst on your cycling trip. The site also has all of the suitable accessories for the baskets including black leather straps, costing just £2.99, and basket supports. Needless to say, these wicker baskets will look amazing when attached proudly to the front of your bicycle, and will have heads turning wherever your holiday takes you. 

Cycling holidays can now be made more glamorous than ever, thanks to the beautiful and playful range at Kitting you out from head to toe, who said you need to jet off to the South of France or the piazzas of Italy to exude vintage glamour?

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