Preselected Couture invites investments to capitalise on lucrative secondary luxury goods market

New web based community and marketplace, Preselected Couture provides an attractive investment opportunity as it launches its crowdfunding campaign. The scalable platform for buying and selling pre-owned designer fashion, accessories and homewares invites funding to develop its business, as experts predict the secondary luxury goods market is set to grow to £400 bln. 

Already a hit amongst its client base, the online marketplace startup has achieved over 40,000 website visits and 300 registered users since its launch in May, becoming a trusted choice amongst its community of users. Funds from investors will be used to improve the website and to accelerate its marketing efforts, capitalising on the emerging lucrative market of second hand, designer goods.

Preselected Couture is founded by Maria Mueller and Maria Rachinskaya, with a combined 40 years’ experience in mathematics, corporate finance, and project management. Its board of directors have extensive experience in company management, luxury goods and lifestyle brands.

Maria Mueller, Co-Founder and Director of Preselected Ltd said, “Preselected Couture responds to growing consumer trends, catering to the developing ‘sharing economy’ and desire for a different purchasing experience. Our success after just five months has proven our relevance and our exciting future that lies ahead. Now, as the secondary luxury market is set to grow, we want to refine our business to capitalise on this sensational opportunity.”

Preselected Couture offers affiliate programs for professional vendors and existing retailers who sell through the platform, presenting an attractive and unique business opportunity compared to competitor websites such as Ebay. The company projects its revenue to be over £430k by the end of 2017, making it a great addition to any portfolio of investment. 

All designer items sold via the peer to peer marketplace undergo thorough screenings for authenticity, brand relevance and condition, enlisting confidence in its customers that are searching for high-end, luxury goods. Preselected Couture offers sellers an innovative platform to free up space, unleash cash from their possessions, and even to turn these profits into charitable donations.

Preselected Ltd is offering 10.71% equity for £120,000 investment target, raised under the SEIS tax relief scheme. All investors are subject to an attractive rewards programme, offering gift cards from luxury brands such as Hermes and Prada that provide an appropriate present to welcome supporters of the growing designer marketplace.   

Maria Mueller continued, “With Preselected Couture, we have created a forward thinking website using a formula that is proven to work. However, we offer a unique experience to make it stand out from its competitors. As the demand for secondary luxury goods is set to grow, so are we, with a scalable platform that can extend both internationally and through the products that we can sell.”

The campaign closes on 8thOctober 2016.

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PRESELECTED COUTURE is a web-based community marketplace for the buying and selling of high quality pre-owned designer clothes, footwear, accessories, home decorations and furniture. Each item in our shop is reviewed by our shop management team prior to going online.
Our platform offers direct sale and shipment between buyers and sellers. Our buyers are private individuals. Our sellers are private individuals and businesses, such as luxury second hand shops, stylists and interior design companies.
Our Mission is to:
• Build a strong and trusting democratic online community.
• Help our community members to turn their idle possessions into revenue sources or charitable donations.
• Provide our community members with access to luxury goods, which otherwise would not be available due to high costs.
• Reduce negative environmental impact (reducing the carbon footprint and consumption of resources).
• Save costs by reusing and recycling.
• Increase the independence and decentralised availability of luxury goods.
• Increase participatory democracy.
• Accelerate sustainable consumption and production patterns around the globe.



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