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Formed by Relinda Aleknaite, a trained lawyer with an Italian and Lithuanian background, discovered her matchmaking skill when introducing colleagues and acquaintances within her social circle while working at an American oil company. With this inherent talent and proven success, she saw a gap in the market to create a portal that could re-create these romantic introductions on a global scale. And so, Prestige Arrangements was formed, bringing together ambitious, international men and attractive European women, with no limits on country or city. Members are also free to decide on the type of relationship they desire, making the worldwide dating website the only choice to compliment a luxurious, sophisticated lifestyle.   

They say that behind every successful man there stands a strong woman. Unfortunately, these prestigious men often lead an international, jet-setting and demanding lifestyle, meaning that this woman in question is hard to come by. And, of course, with truly successful men a rarity, any women seeking a partner of this kind can find it difficult to meet the companion they desire. New international dating website, Prestige Arrangements specialises in allowing these two parties to communicate no matter where they are in the world, allowing successful, intelligent and attractive members to form exciting arrangements and romantic relationships.

Relinda Alekanite, founder at Prestige Arrangements said, “Dating and arrangements can add so much enjoyment and excitement to life, yet we all have personal preferences about the relationship process. Some are searching for their one true love, while others wish to meet new, exciting people as they travel the world, making memories to last a lifetime. At Prestige Arrangements we recognise these versatile needs and cater to a wide range of customers, enabling them to decide their membership levels to reflect their ideals. What defines our online community is sophistication, and an ambitious thirst for life. Prestige Arrangements provides the tool to quench this thirst.”

Once a suitable partner has been found online, members can access an exclusive VIP Calendar to choose the perfect dating venue. With a huge variety of special occasions to browse ranging from glamorous red carpet events to luxurious, high-class parties in London, South of France, USA and Dubai, Prestige Arrangements unlocks an unforgettable dating experience that is sure to impress.

Relinda Alekanite, formally married to a wealthy business man, is also an ambassador for the brand and regularly appears on global television and in the media, voicing her thoughts about relationships. Having fled an abusive partnership, she knows of and has survived the challenges of an unsuccessful relationship. She uses her experience and knowledge of both western men and European women to ensure only a safe, positive experience is given at Prestige Arrangements.

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About is the first Exclusive International Online Dating and Lifestyle Portal from Eastern Europe bringing together European women located all over the world with Successful and Ambitious International Guys for honest relationships with a touch of luxury. Our customers deserve a top-level service and they also deserve to get it on their terms.

You can meet likeminded members online to chat and explore preferences to upcoming events from our Members only VIP Events Calendar which you may wish to invite a prospective partner on – to exploring Mutually Attractive relationship options.