PrintDesigns supports Marks and Spencer’s growth strategy built on feedback

British heritage retailers Marks and Spencer announced this week that they plan to use the opinion of their shareholders to inform the future strategy of the company. This move comes as a response to the worst clothing sales figures in a decade from the store, and their newly received feedback has already resulted in the company ordering more styles of a particular garment than was originally planned, taking action based on the view of the shareholders.

Leading printing solutions provider PrintDesigns supports this move, and encourages more businesses to utilise the power of feedback in order to inform future decision making. With over 15 years’ experience in assisting companies in their marketing efforts, particularly through attendances at conferences and trade shows, the printing company recommends using these events as a way to gather authentic feedback from industry peers.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of PrintDesigns said, “It is always sad when established brands experience moments of trouble but it is encouraging to see that Marks and Spencer, with its newly appointed CEO Steve Rowe, is taking positive action to help change things for the better. More businesses could follow on from this example set by the historic retailers by starting to prioritise feedback more to help them with decision making.”

Thompson continued, “Creating an advisory board using shareholders is a smart move, but a simple way to implement this strategy is by utilising attendances at trade shows and exhibitions. In this environment you are exposed to hundreds of people that are knowledgeable within your specific industry. Handing out feedback forms or questionnaires can give you the information you need to know exactly what your peers want from a brand, and the services that they require.”

PrintDesigns has been providing high quality printed graphics including banner stands, exhibition stands and other display solutions since 1999. They work hard to support businesses of all sizes to achieve their marketing goals. As well as providing large format printing to produce a range of banner stands, small format printing is also available allowing companies to order printed feedback forms alongside their banner stands to be fully prepared for their next exhibition attendance.

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