Professional Traveler Gives Five Stars To Pinnacle Online Retail GoPro Case

The GoPro camera case by the new US e-tailer Pinnacle Online Retail has received a glowing review from the professional adventurer and travel blogger, GoPro Diver aka Paul Cwalina.

QA prolific blogger and seasoned travel expert, GoPro Diver is the perfect person to review the GoPro cases, which are designed to carry cameras and cases securely while on the go. The GoPro case is a particular favourite of adventure sports fans, outdoor enthusiasts and those who regularly pack up and set of to explore the world.

GoPro Diver recommended his readers invest in the GoPro case after declaring it ‘…An awesome case…very sturdy and rigid’. The case in question is the GoPro for Hero 4 3+ 3/2/1 which stores both a camera and associated accessories. The case sports an ultra durable carbon fibre shell and custom foam cut outs. It provides excellent protection for valuable equipment, protecting with anti-shock from bumps and knocks, as well as dirt and moisture. The foam cut outs within the case provided dedicated storage compartments and add an extra level of protection for delicate items such as lenses.


The GoPro for Hero 4 3+ 3/2/1 is also ultra lightweight, which is perfect for those who travel a lot and don’t want to drag a heavy bag around with them for business or leisure.

Launched earlier this month, PinncacleOnlineRetail offers a new way of shopping online for American consumers. It sells a range of GoPro cases via a number of online shopping platforms. Known for their incomparable ability to protect, GoPro cameras cases are a favourite of bloggers and the general public alike.

PinnacleOnlineRetail founder Kim Santora said, “We love the GoPro cases! They are consistently rated as amongst the best camera bags in the business so it’s no surprise that the blogger GoPro Diver has been so enthusiastic in recommending the GoPro for Hero. It’s incredibly versatile and extremely tough and one of our own top picks for  those who are passionate about sports such as scuba diving and rock climbing.”

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