Protect Staff and Businesses With Appropriate Safety Measures

In the age of endless personal injury advertisements and compensation claims for the most blameless of accidents, it is vital that business protect both themselves and their staff by ensuring their safety when operating dangerous and heavy machinery. In certain industries, using this type of equipment is a daily process and a part of their everyday working remit, so it is crucial that each business takes precautions for the universal benefit of their staff. One of the most common methods used to increase safety for employees working with pallet trucks is to fit them with hand brakes, or purchase specific models with a brake installed. Midland Pallet Trucks, a leading supplier of lifting solutions and heavy-duty workplace equipment understands that many workplaces which rely on transporting heavy or cumbersome goods from one area to another on pallets and trucks, and they recommend that each employer ensures a percentage of their truck fleet is fitted with a brake.

Midland Pallet Trucks has the choice of two pallet trucks which come pre-fitted with a brake. The AC25HB Hand Pallet Truck with Brake has forks of 1150mm x 540mm and is specially designed to lift many different sizes of pallets which are currently in use across the continent. The truck itself, like all of the other trucks in the Midland Pallet Trucks’ range, is made from hardwearing steel and is coated in epoxy powder in order to protect against corrosion and deterioration of the efficiency and safety of the truck. The actual brake mechanism is controlled by hand so that the operator has easy access to their security controls, and the truck requires no special qualifications or training courses to operate, meaning it can be integrated quickly and seamlessly into a warehouse, factory or distribution centre.

The BFB2500A Hand Pallet Truck is the other truck fitted with a brake system available from Midland Pallet Trucks, and is used for lifting much higher loads. The maximum capacity of the forks is 2.5 tonnes; transporting loads this heavy without the added control offered by a brake can be a recipe for disaster in workplaces. The truck itself is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its 210 degree turning radius, and a fitted lowering valve adds an extra element of manipulation for the operator, who can control the rate of descent when the truck is loaded.

As well as traditional brakes fitted to trucks, pallet truck chocks are a vital piece of equipment to have around the workplace. They secure empty pallet trucks in place when they are being loaded or unloaded, in order to prevent them from rolling off loading bays. Though not specifically a brake, these chocks help to hold the truck in position and prevent unnecessary accidents which could injure staff, cause costly damage or ruin stock.

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About Midland Pallet Trucks: Midland Pallet Trucks is part of the Midland Bearings Ltd Group. Centrally located, the company occupies a 60,000 square foot warehouse and stocks enough products to supply the whole of the UK market with trucks and table trucks.



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