Protect Your Treasured Memories with Private Network, Boxego

Boxego offers secure online storage space after widower loses late wife’s voicemail message in phone line accident

Private social network Boxego is urging the public to upload and store their most sentimental files on secure online servers – after telephone engineers accidentally erased a treasured voicemail message from a widower’s late wife. Boxego offers a unique online resource to store photos, videos, voice recordings and other cherished files, keeping them from being lost, damaged or deleted as time goes on – and now they’re urging more people to store their most cherished digital memories online, for the safest of safekeeping.

Stan Beaton lost his wife Ruby fourteen years ago, but he kept a recording of her on his telephone so he could listen to her voice whenever he wanted. Unfortunately, while performing a routine upgrade on the line, telephone engineers accidentally lost the recorded message, which will never be retrieved. Had he uploaded the short voice message to Boxego, Stan would have been able to access the file whenever he wished and hear his wife’s voice once more, without worrying whether the file would be lost, deleted, damaged or stolen.

Boxego is a completely free website and app, founded on the premise that important memories should last forever. In the digital world, we now have the resources to upload our most sentimental letters, photos, videos and other media to one secure space, where they remain totally protected and private by default.

James Birrell, Founder of Boxego, says, “Losing a treasured photograph, or a much-loved recording of a friend or family member can be a horrible experience – and it’s something we’ve all done at some point. In light of the terrible accident regarding Mr Beaton’s phone message, we’d like to encourage everyone to store their most precious memories on our secure servers, where they can browse them and enjoy them without fear of loss, theft or damage.”

As well as providing a safe place to store sentimental artefacts, Boxego has a range of discreet sharing options that put the user in total control of their content. Rather than placing treasured files in the hands of unknown engineers, Boxego ensures that users have complete power over what content is shared, and when. The unique ‘Future Share’ feature allows users to choose a date in their future when they’ll share a certain piece of content with friends, family and other contacts – but the content will remain totally private until that date.

Boxego is the private place that can be shared if the user desires – on their terms only. Members can privately share whatever they want, right now, or at some point in the future, even after they’re gone.

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