Protecting the skin against pollution

For years, air pollution has been dismissed as a necessary evil, but according to a recent study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, the effects of pollution on the skin may be worse than first expected. Nitrogen dioxide, in particular, has been linked to an increase in age spots and hyperpigmentation, while the pollution molecules are so fine that they are able to penetrate the skin, causing free radical damage below the surface. Not only is pollution causing the skin to age more quickly through fine lines, wrinkles, collagen loss and increased sensitivity, it could also be damaging the insides of the body.

Few air purifiers provide suitable protection against traffic pollution, only filtering out the larger dust molecules in the air surrounding them. They are also expensive to buy and run.

Introducing the Hextio Air Purifier and Steriliser, a revolutionary new product intended to filter and neutralise the toxins in an area, including the air-borne bacteria that help to spread colds and other viruses, as well as all potential allergens and dust. It uses mirrored technology and chrome hexagon filters to increase its effectiveness while also decreasing the cost of using the machine. It is fully automatic and makes very little noise, covering an area of 35m2. With over seven million premature deaths a year attributed to air pollution, this simple, yet advanced solution could potentially save lives!

The best news is that it will be available at a reduced price of only £83 ($109) on launch day (18th October). Bring clean, toxin-free air to your home or office, and enjoy more youthful skin, better health and a longer and more-fulfilling life!

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