Pure Hydration Helps Local Charity Bring Clean Water to Victims of Nepal Earthquake

The Lisa May Foundation is sending doctors to Nepal armed with water purification devices that could save lives

Pure Hydration, a world-renowned organisation which designs and manufactures water purification devices, is helping a local charity to get crucial fresh water to the victims of last week’s devastating Nepal earthquake – potentially saving hundreds of lives.

The team at Pure Hydration has provided a number of Thirst Aid Stations and water purification bottles to The Lisa May Foundation, founded by John May - a Surrey Heath Councillor who lost his daughter Lisa to the horrific Thailand tsunami in 2004. The foundation, which aims to raise funds for those affected by natural disasters all over the world, has coordinated a team of 21 doctors to head to Nepal in order to help those affected by the earthquake – and they’ll all be equipped with the latest purification devices from Pure Hydration.

Jon Grant, from Pure Hydration, says, “We have effectively put all other business on hold while we deal with the unprecedented demand for our Thirst Aid Stations due to what’s happened in Nepal. We’ve donated a number of our water purifiers to The Lisa May Foundation, and the charity has also procured an extra 50 AquaPure Travellers that they can hand out to locals who are really in need.”

He adds, “What’s happened in Nepal is a tragedy, and we’ll be working alongside various charities and organisations to make sure that we can provide water to as many local people as possible.”

Dr Kapil Rijal, one of the medical professionals who will be heading to Nepal with The Lisa May Foundation, says, “The true extent of the suffering of the people in Nepal is yet to truly emerge. I am honoured to be a member of the team heading to my home country to help those affected by this terrible event – and we thank Pure Hydration for all of the assistance they’ve given us by donating such innovative, life-saving technology.”

The AquaPure Travellers that the doctors will be equipped with are ideal for use in areas where natural disasters have struck. They convert dirty water into clean microbiologically safe water, the Thirst Aid Stations have enough capacity to supply a family of four with safe water for an entire month. Hostile environments are made safer with the introduction of clean water, the Thirst Aid Station will be key in helping vulnerable families to recover after this tragic disaster.

The Pure Hydration AquaPure Travellers will also be handed out in Nepal. These high-performance personal water purification systems incorporate patented technology which eliminates bacteria, viruses, larger pathogens, chemicals, dirt and odour from any water. There are no chemicals involved in the process, and no wait time to access the safe water. Tested by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, these systems will prove invaluable as Nepalese families attempt to rebuild their lives.

For more information about Pure Hydration and their work bringing clean water to disaster zones, visit http://www.purehydration.com/

For more information about The Lisa May Foundation, visit the website: http://lisamayfoundation.org/


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