Qualified Psychotherapist and Counsellor Launches New Service for Those in Need

A qualified psychotherapist, counsellor and mediator has launched a new service for those who are attempting to come to terms with the challenges life has presented them. Ian O’Maonaigh, of Cabra Counselling and Mediation Services, specialises in Psychotherapy, including Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural and Systemic modalities. Ian offers Counselling Services in Dublin, where he provides a personal and safe setting in which individuals can reflect on their own issues and find solutions to edge forward.

Depression and other related issues have often been linked to financial difficulty, and the economic hardship faced by those in Ireland is creating very challenging circumstances for families. The impact of the ongoing recession and the relentless austerity, including redundancy, repossessions, and unemployment can have a huge detrimental effect, and many people need to seek assistance for subsequent psychosocial support.

Ian says, “At Cabra, our promise to people is that we will listen carefully and confidentially to all of the challenges and issues that are presented in the sessions. Passion and tenacity in my work are so important in motivating me to help those in need. I am very mindful that there are times in life when external support is needed, and I endeavour to assist clients by helping them to find their own solutions to difficult circumstances and overcome the challenges they face.”

Often in times of trouble, many people are incredibly hesitant to speak to someone about what they are facing; they need help but are unsure where to turn and lack the necessary trust in talking to someone that they already know. Ian can provide that secure and confidential space which is so often lacking in many people’s lives, where they can openly discuss their worries and their issues in complete safety. The services provided by Ian at the Cabra clinic in Dublin include Individual, Couple, Group, Family, Child and Adolescent counselling, as well as Personal Development, Counselling groups and Family Mediation services. Each has their own benefits and can help people in many different levels of difficulty to overcome the issues faced.

After contacting Ian, a first introductory session is offered whereby an Individual/ Group/ Family seeking assistance will discuss whether counselling or psychotherapy is their best route, and to discuss any underlying concerns. Referrals are offered if required from Ian to qualified trusted colleagues. Individuals have the opportunity to examine the benefits of group therapy, family mediation or other forms of personal development that might be helpful. After this session, the opportunity is provided to meet with Ian on a regular basis in order to establish a foothold on their lives once more.

Ian has extensive experience in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy, and has worked with social services in Ireland, and throughout the UK, Australia and Canada. His experience stretches to homeless services, prison systems and residential care homes, and he has worked with people struggling with relationships, addiction, suicidality, depression and other mental health concerns. Whether someone is struggling with a tough transitional period in their life or whether a specific event has changed the trajectory of their lives, the psychotherapy service provided at Cabra Counselling and Mediation intends to help people overcome their difficulties in a safe haven, where they can discuss their concerns and their issues with a qualified and experienced professional.

To find out more about the services available at Cabra, visit the clinic on New Cabra Road, Dublin 7, or visit their website: http://counselling.vpweb.ie

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Situated on the Northside of Dublin, just a stone’s throw from the city centre, the Cabra clinic provides a safe space for individuals to confront any of the challenges they might be facing in life. With individual, group, family and couples therapy options available, all issues can be overcome and resolved in the company of a seasoned and experienced professional psychotherapist.