rais generates 22:1 return on investment across entire ecommerce client portfolio

The customer conversion software, rais has achieved a best-in-class 22:1 return on investment ratio across its ecommerce portfolio. In a new case study, the retail-focused software platform published its spent to earnt percentage for the first time, revealing that in some sectors, it has increased repeat business rates by 74%.

Will Young, founder of rais said, “We often get asked why businesses spend money on rais – what do they get out of it? The simple answer is that we help ecommerce operations to generate more repeat business, increase retention rates and reduce the time, money and effort wasted on customer acquisition to then not nurture that client.

“For many retailers, time is the biggest enemy. rais has been useful to our clients by automatically enabling them to talk to their own existing customers in a more relevant way. This gets more repeat orders. Overall, rais users enjoy a 22:1 ratio of sales generated to money spent on rais.”

The data analysis published by rais shows that in the homewares sector, repeat rates increased by 10%. Cosmetics clients showed an 18% increase, pet food 6%, sports nutrition 17%, children’s toys 74% and in the home accessories space, there was a 16% increase. A study of sales figures showed that for every £1 spent on rais, £22 was generated in sales.

rais clients are able to generate these increased amounts of business through client retention. This happens primarily with the help of the platform’s customer analysis and automation tools.

Young added, “All of the clients we studied used rais to create more targeted marketing campaigns, predominantly through email marketing.”

The rais suite of tools enriches, analyses and segments client data, allowing retailers to use their existing data to carry out tasks such as personalised email marketing. It brings brands closer to their customers and helps them to establish more profitable client retention rates. An intelligence driven, automated CRM system, rais empowers SMEs in the ecommerce space to nurture their client relationships for improved conversion, retention and acquisition.

To find out more about rais and how the platform is built to help retailers and ecommerce businesses nurture existing customers, visit www.rais.io or view the full case study here: https://rais.io/blog/more-repeat-business-22-times-more-sales/


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About rais

rais (pronounced raise, and an acronym for retain, acquire, interpret, sell) is an online subscribed data driven customer analysis, segmentation and communications tool used to deliver efficient personalised marketing solutions for businesses that lack the time and specialist resource to do so themselves. 



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