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Players with a penchant for the past are given the chance to re-write history with the latest offering from free online gaming platform, My Real Games. This September, the leading entertainment website has just added a bumper selection of games that transport the player to ancient times to its already bulging selection of exciting genres.

Whether it’s during history lessons at school or due to a continued captivation long into adult hood, learning about former cultures from around the world can be fascinating. With titles spanning the eras ranging from ancient Egyptian to the time of the British Empire, My Real Games provides the ultimate escapism, enabling players not only to learn about the past but to play a part in it. My Real Games offers titles to play on both PC and smartphone, always providing a family friendly source of free entertainment. 

Nikolai Veselov from said, “History is a popular subject for both children and adults alike, scattered with a whole host of interesting characters and events throughout the ages. Whether you love crazy cavemen, funky pharaohs or vicious Vikings, everyone has a favorite historic period. In my latest update of the website, I am pleased to host an exciting selection of titles at My Real Games, to take my players back in time.”

Those with an eye for mystery may find themselves locked in the ancient Egyptian crypt in ‘Egyptoid: Escape From Tombs’, much like the explorers that discovered Tutankhamun long ago! The player is in charge of their own fate, and must rise to the challenges faced when navigating through the dungeons to reach their freedom.

Alternatively, rather than heading underground in an ancient tomb, Royal Envoy 3 transports players onto the HMS Islandshire during the time of the British Emipre, ready to explore the wide open South Ocean. Explore undiscovered islands and uncover the beautiful treasures that hide amongst the untouched landscape. There may even be a special surprise waiting to be found, left behind by pirates long ago…

However, the real adventure awaits in Call of the Ages. Here, the ‘Calendar of the Ages’, the powerful artefact that has kept the world running since the beginning of time has been destroyed. Players must complete 90 challenging match-3 levels in their quest to save the history of the world! 

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MyRealGames is one of the USA’s premier free online gaming sites. All games are fully licensed for PCs, have unlimited gameplay time and are 100% free. The site offers a diverse range of genres meaning there is something for every online gaming lover.



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