Record Number of Brits Buy Electric Radiators During Sizzling Hot July

The UK’s savvy homeowners are not letting a little thing like an unlikely heat wave stop them in their home improvement tracks this summer according to a leading radiator supplier. Electric Radiators Direct has reported a record-busting sales run in July, with supplies of its Haverland RCWave range flying off the shelves in their hundreds.  The sizeable sales figures come despite the Met Office confirming that Britain basked in the hottest July in more than seven years and the second sunniest in 100 years.

While the rest of the country sweltered, Electric Radiators Direct were forced to recruit two new members of staff to cope with demand as the RCWave proved as popular as an ice lolly during the 291 hours of July sunshine.

The Haverland RCWave is one of the most advanced designer electric radiators on the market, ultra slim, sublimely styled and incredibly energy efficient. Electric Radiators Direct stock five different RCWave designs, sized to fit a range of rooms depending on their energy efficiency grading.

The Haverland range of RCWave electric radiators is packed with features, making them a smart solution for any homeowner concerned about their home’s energy efficiency and looking for a way to reduce their energy bills. RCWave radiators are actually a sensible summer purchase thanks to tailored heating for each room with 24/7 digital programming., Not only does this help to conserve energy and save money but it also makes the design a smart choice during the unpredictable British summer.

An advanced heat precision thermostat provides further temperature management assistance, giving users full control over just how hot the radiator should get and when it should turn off, giving those concerned about the rising cost of electricity peace of mind that energy won't continue to be consumed when the room has reached the optimal temperature.

Paul Walker, managing director of Electric Radiators Direct said, "Although we are a fairly new company, we have been gaining a lot of momentum right from the word go however, even we were surprised by the sheer volume of demand for the Haverland in July, which was a fantastic month weather wise. Very slim and extremely energy efficient, we were pleased that so many householders are switching on to the benefit of this style of radiator even in the midst of a heat wave. It just goes to show that as a nation we are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to save energy and make adjustments where needed.

"Credit has to go to the team who work for me, they are a great team and our customers love them and some of the sales we are now benefiting from were a result of repeat business and recommendations as the product is beginning to establish itself in the market place. Given the amount of units we sold in July, we have recruited 2 more sales advisors to deal with the anticipated upturn when the selling season really starts in September."

As well as its advanced temperature management features, the Haverland designer electric radiator range makes use of dry thermal technology which ensures a fast heat up time, maintenance free use and recycling at end of life. The radiator is also designed for fast DIY installation and can be quickly screwed to the wall, meaning there's no need for costly plumbers or expert tradesmen once purchased.

The smallest radiator in the range is the RC3W 450 watt electric radiator, which is suitable for use in rooms up to 4.5m2 with poor insulation or 5.5m2 with modern insulation.

The next size up is the RC5W 800 Watt which can be used in rooms up to 8.0m2 where poor insulation is present or 10m2 with modern insulation.

The RC7W 1100 Watt electric radiator is designed for use in spaces up to 11m2 with poor insulation or well insulated rooms up to a maximum size of 13m2. For room sizes up to 14m2 with poor insulation or 16m2 with modern insulation, the RC11W 1700 watt electric radiator will keep energy costs low while larger rooms of up to 17m2 poorly insulated or 20m2 with modern insulation will find the RC11W 1700 watt Haverland the most appropriate solution. Prices for the smaller designs start from £199.99 with a free lifetime guarantee on radiator body parts and free UK mainland delivery. 

The whole of the Designer RCWave range is built using the latest new generation heating technology, made from recycled aluminium and is 100% recyclable for total sustainability. Each of the five designs is lightweight and measurably more compact than traditional radiators.

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