Recycled Materials: Common Myths Busted

Carbon footprints, eco-consciousness and ‘green’ credentials are all phrases which have permeated every level of business all over the UK in recent years. More and more organisations up and down the country are endeavouring to minimise the impact that their organisation has on their environment by changing many of their working processes and supplies. One of the easiest and most convenient ways of becoming more eco-friendly in the workplace is by using recycled paper for office stationery and promotional materials. However, there are many myths floating around in the public consciousness which can prevent some people for choosing this option. Here are some of the most prevalent, and untrue, myths about recycled business cards and office supplies:

1. Quality

It was a common belief that using recycled materials for office supplies would result in products of a lesser quality than if the more traditional materials had been used. In fact, recycled materials create stationery and business cards which are of a very high standard, and they maintain a look which is just as sleek and professional as their more environmentally-damaging counterparts. This myth is one which is slowly dying out, as more and more people discover the supreme value and the high quality they get from using recycled materials.

2. Price

When recycling was a relatively new phenomenon, there was a lot of talk which suggested it was more expensive to recycle than it was to simply discard waste and forget about it. The same cannot be said for using recycled materials in the office environment; recycled business cards, flyers and letterheads are now just as cost-effective as traditional solutions, so price is no longer a factor in the choice between recycled and non-recycled materials. The money which is invested into recycled products also goes partly towards sustainable forests, so money spent on recycled office supplies is money going to a good cause.

3. Keeping Up Appearances

In past decades, using recycled materials for printed business cards or letterheads might have betrayed an image of a company which didn’t want to invest or spend money. Recycled goods were seen as too thrifty, showing a lack of effort and panache. Nowadays, recycled materials project the opposite image entirely; they show a responsible and environmentally-conscious organisation which cares about its impact on the environment. Offering a recycled business card to a potential client demonstrates a desire to minimise carbon footprints and shows that the company takes sustainability and eco-friendly values seriously. These are important traits for a business to have in an age where consumers are attempting to minimise their own personal carbon footprints.

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