Referendum Result Could Send Cigarette Prices Soaring: SMOKO Encourages Switch to E-Cigs

Britain imports 47% of its tobacco from the EU, with prices now expected to rise after the vote to leave the European Union.

SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes, one of Britain’s premier providers of e-cigarettes and associated accessories, asserts that now is the time to make the switch to vaping, with the result of the EU referendum vote set to send tobacco prices soaring.

A report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) stated that the price of a pack of twenty cigarettes could leap from an average of £9.60 to £12.74, with experts estimating that this price hike could add around £600 annually to the cost of smoking, for those who spend just ten cigarettes per day.

SMOKO, a supplier of e-cig products which are made solely in the UK, is now encouraging smokers to take the leap and make the switch to e-cigs, before the impact of the referendum result starts to hit the price of tobacco.

Mike Cameron, CEO and Co-Founder of SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes, says, “The OECD has predicted that our exit from the EU would mean tariffs of at least 70% being imposed on tobacco products, with the knock-on effect being that the price of regular cigarettes could rise by as much as a third.”

Mike Cameron adds, “At a time when so many families and working individuals are facing a cost of living crisis, the increased cost of smoking could wreak havoc on family finances all over the country. At SMOKO, we assert that now is the perfect time to make the leap to electronic-cigarettes, which cost far less, and come with fewer health risks than the tobacco products which will continue to be imported.”

Switching from regular cigarettes to electronic alternatives has already been feted as a fantastic way for people to save money without giving up nicotine altogether. SMOKO estimates that the average smoker, on around 20 cigarettes per day, could stand to save £2,700 every year by switching to vaping – and the savings could be even bigger once the price of cigarettes starts to increase.

SMOKO offers a multitude of e-cigarette starter kits, refills and great-tasting e-liquids, all that use the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are made in the UK, which means they’ll be exempt from any referendum-related price hikes.

Ensuring the quality and source of the ingredients, SMOKO also have total control over the ingredients of their e-cigs, opting for UK-Made ingredients like Vegetable Glycerine and food flavouring to ensure their products are as safe as possible. Traditional tobacco cigarettes are packed with over 50 carcinogens and 4,000+ chemicals which can be harmful to the body; the risks associated with electronic cigarettes are minimal in comparison.

Prices for an e-cigarette starter kit, complete with everything a smoker would need to give vaping a try for the first time, start at just £24.99. The packs include a number of e-cig refills, a USB charger to keep the electronic cigarette full of juice at all times, and a convenient carry case to make vaping on-the-go easy.

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