Reignite Patriotic Spirit with Printed Flags and Bunting

The patriotic atmosphere which enveloped the country last year as a result of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics and Paralympics seems to have tailed off in 2013. As a nation we pinned up our bunting and waved our flags throughout the entire summer, as we celebrated the monarchy and our sporting achievements. As the weather begins to pick up and spring approaches, it is a great time for companies up and down the country to reignite the spirit of togetherness that everyone so enjoyed last year. Printed bunting and promotional flags at events are a great way to put everyone back in the patriotic state of mind that boosted the economy last summer, and will help to project a ‘Best of British’ feel at all occasions.

Bunting is traditionally associated with celebration, so its use at promotional events and special corporate occasions instantly put attendees in a positive frame of mind. Promotional bunting has many advantages for those planning their own event or attending a trade fair of some sort. Bunting covers a very wide area of space for relatively little cost, and with little snippets of information on each mini-flag, it is easy to convey promotional elements such as company name, website and brand message. Events such as exhibitions and trade fairs are all about utilising the space which is allocated, and bunting can make great use of the white space above the heads of attendees. It is eye-catching and effective whilst being cheap and easy to produce. Bunting is also very versatile; it can be ordered in great lengths and cut down to size for every purpose, whether it is being strung between exhibition stands or used to decorate the edge of a sales counter.

Much of the past few years has been spent waving flags, whether it was for the Royal Wedding or watching yet another member of Team GB receive a medal. Printed flags on a larger scale are a great way to convey a message or simply increase brand emphasis around an event; tall flags flanking the gates offer a majestic welcome to visitors, whilst feather flags dotted around the premises increase awareness of the brand in general. Flags are cost-effective and simple to produce, with easy logo printing and branding. Once a flag stand has been purchased, multiple flags can also be swapped depending on the event.

Using flags in conjunction with bunting can create a jovial and positive atmosphere at any occasion, immediately putting visitors and guests at ease whilst simultaneously attracting attention. They are both effective ways to tap into the patriotic spirit that still resides in many Brits.

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