Remote Workforce Monitoring Solution IQTimecard Examines What General Election Means for Home Care Providers

As the dust settles on Downing Street after an unexpected election result just weeks ago, IQTimecard, a leading workforce monitoring solution provider, is examining exactly how changes to the UK’s health services could affect adult social care providers across the country.

With a Conservative majority government, the direction for the next five years is clear – there will be more cuts to public services and further austerity measures; something that industry experts say could bring the home care industry to crisis levels. With more home care services being outsourced to private providers than ever before, how will service standards be affected?

IQTimecard is a time and attendance and workforce monitoring solution that is commonly used in the home care sector. With an abundance of dynamic features and the ability to cut costs, the solution has been adopted by hundreds of private home care providers in recent years – and many believe it offers a way to enhance service standards in the face of nationwide health cuts.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard, says, “The result of the General Election was fairly unexpected, but now we know for sure that the next five years will see the Conservatives attempting to fulfil the pledges in their manifesto with a majority government behind them. The privatisation of health care services was one of the key battlegrounds throughout the election, but with many private domiciliary care providers already at breaking point, it’s crucial that they find ways in which they can cut their own costs without affecting their service standards.”

He adds, “IQTimecard has been proven to help businesses save money in a multitude of ways. It helps reduce the risk of time theft or buddy punching, it does the work of multiple people in the HR department, and it saves money on things like paper timesheets and the hours spent manually inputting data. The software is a great solution for home care providers that will be operating on ever-tighter budgets over the next five years.”

Statistics from UNISON back in 2012 found that 84% of adult social care services had already been outsourced to private providers – and the figures are expected to rise even further in the coming years. With more providers than ever having to trim their budgets and cater to ever-growing demand for these in-home services, it’s never been more crucial for home care businesses to invest in a multifunctional solution that will contribute to raised care standards.

Travel time for domiciliary care workers is on the agenda this week, after two former home care employees revealed that the small allocation of travel time between client locations was one of the reasons they left their roles.

According to the women, who chose to remain anonymous, they were often given just five minutes to travel between client locations – even when some clients lived as far as 16 miles away. This frequently resulted in the women having to cut short some client appointments in order to ensure they were on time for their next visit at another location. The employees also revealed, as has been a common thread with many home care workers, that they were not being paid the minimum wage as a result of their unpaid travel time.

IQTimecard is a leading workforce time and attendance solution with a built-in scheduling tool that can help minimise incidents like this. By properly scheduling visits and factoring in travel time, home care providers can ensure that their team aren’t cutting short visits or having to drive many miles to client locations in short spaces of time.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard, says, “As this is an isolated case, we can’t be sure exactly why these workers were given just five minutes to travel between distant client locations – but if it’s down to poor scheduling resources, there is a tangible solution. IQTimecard integrates with time and attendance monitoring, as well as payroll, to provide a comprehensive tool for scheduling client appointments and managing the time of their employees throughout the working day.”

He adds, “Renowned home care providers like Home Instead have found great success with the scheduling tool, which helps both employers and employees to better manage their time and ensure that clients receive the service that they need.”

The two carers from this latest news expressed concerns about not being able to care for clients properly as a result of the tight schedules they operated on. A recent report by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate in Wales also raised concerns about working hours and stress among employees in the home care sector, suggesting that the stringent travel schedules should be reviewed.

IQTimecard’s unique blend of time and attendance software, scheduling tools and payroll integration makes it the ideal tool for businesses operating in the domiciliary care sector. It helps to monitor the location of employees and ensure that they’re attending all client calls, as well as ensuring they’re only paid for the hours they worked. The automated system minimises the risk of ‘buddy punching’ or time theft, which can also facilitate savings for businesses. 

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