Renowned concert pianist, Celine Gaurier-Joubert, heads up London piano tuition for amateurs

Londoners can now receive piano tuition from renowned concert pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert at The London Piano Institute. Amateurs that want to embrace their dreams of becoming a pianist can receive top class piano lessons with the organisation and develop quickly while finding a hobby they can be passionate about.

Gaurier-Joubert first began playing the piano at just four years old and immediately gave her first performance. The French-born and naturalised British musical expert studied in Paris under accomplished pianists Edson Elias, Francois Weigel and Pascal Devoyon before developing her skills further in Switzerland. It’s not just classical music she focused on either but jazz too, studying with Thierry Lang, the world renowned Blue Note artist.

Since honing her skills, Gaurier-Joubert has developed her results-orientated teaching method to transform the lives of hundreds of adults around the world for almost 20 years. The structured tuition means that beginners and advanced pianists alike can develop quickly in classes that can work around a highly demanding professional career and provide a break from the stresses of day to day life. Her combined expertise, unparalleled passion and unique, friendly teaching style means Gaurier-Joubert has become one of the most desirable piano coaches of her generation.

Gaurier-Joubert, Founder of The London Piano Institute, said, “Playing the piano is my passion and has been for as long as I can remember and I founded The London Piano Institute to pass this onto adults that have always wanted to learn the piano. I believe that pianists are made not born and with the right instructor everyone can become a proficient player and truly enjoy learning and showcasing their talents. It’s never too late to learn a skill and The London Piano Institute offers a welcoming and non-judgemental place to learn a beautiful instrument.”

Through both private tuition and group classes those in London can take advantage of The London Piano Institute’s expert instructors. Lessons take place in London’s prestigious Mayfair, and pupils are taught on a stunning grand piano in an extraordinary setting overlooking the city. However, even those further afield can learn from Gaurier-Joubert through lessons conducted via Skype.  

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The London Piano Institute was founded in 2011 to provide piano tuition for passionate and enthusiastic adults, from complete beginners to advanced pianists. Founder Celine Gaurier-Joubert has almost 20 years of experience in coaching amateur pianists to become outstanding.